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Digital currencies: 5 reasons we’re calling for information Review

Digital currencies: 5 reasons we’re calling for information


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This quick report found on the Gov.UK website basically details why the Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government wishes to receive more information on digital currencies.

The report was published on November 3, 2014 so I would be weary of any information it contains and expect it to have changed by now. With this said, this is a great example of what the UK government was thinking when digital currencies started to gain traction.

They were “calling for information”. Seems like an interesting way to ask for help on something none of your teammates know anything about.

After reading you’ll find the reasons they are asking for more information to be quite positive.

To save you some time, here is a list of the reasons. You’ll have to read the report to find the details!

1. They claim to have a desire in promoting the innovation and competition of the banking sector.

2. Digital currencies are being developed and digital currency businesses are popping up in the UK.

3. They wish to understand the benefits of implementing digital currencies and their effects on the people who use them.

4. They want to further understand the current and possible risks of digital currencies.

5. They would like to know outside opinions on whether regulation of digital currencies is required.

This is more or less a public piece and not so formal like you’d expect to find on a government website. It’s nice, though, and I feel as if the writing style helps to establish some kind of alliance between the government and the readers.

Pros & Cons
  • Written friendly and shows an interest in crypto on behalf of the government.
  • You won’t really learn much from reading this piece.