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Why do Banks Fear Bitcoin? Review

Why do Banks Fear Bitcoin?


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Another interesting documentary about Bitcoin on YouTube. The time lapse is just 16 minutes 40 seconds, which means it is very short, concise and brief with reasons. The video was published on YouTube by VisionVitcory on October 17, 2013 and has over thirty thousand subscribers and over 500,000 views. The video can be shared, saved or downloaded by viewers for family and friends.

However, the video explains the reason why and the fears of Bankers with Bitcoin. So many Bankers believe cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin would only take their job and their means of livelihood. For instance, Bitcoin being a virtual currency which wouldn’t need any middleman or barrier in order to perform transactions like traditional banks is the future of money.

While many believe, it is a solution to their problems, bankers believe it is the beginning of the end to their careers as bankers. Also, there are other things involved with transactions that scares bankers too. Even some bankers would want to accept that Bitcoin is a scam rather than being legitimate to save themselves.

The article or Free Bitcoin Reports is available on FutureMoneyTrends.com which explains different things about Bitcoin, how to set up a wallet, store funds, etc.

Features of the documentary

1. Artistic Representation: All information or explanation in the video has been done artistically. This makes it easy to understand, more interesting to view and safe to remember.

Pros & Cons
  • Short and concise.
  • Represented with arts and sketches.