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The Rock Trading Review

The Rock Trading


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The Rock trading regards itself as the oldest trading platform in the world making use of cryptocurrencies. This platform allows you trade different cryptocurrencies with ease; however, there are plans to increase the capacity of the use of these currencies on the platform.

The Rock trading has been in existence since 2011 and ever since then, they have built a name for themselves in the crypto world. With 11 years of experience, they have over 40,000 registered users and records BTC traded previous years.

The site is mobile-friendly and customers access them easily from anywhere and anytime in the world. Registration is quite fast and easy. There are several other details at the bottom part of the home page, these are; Terms and Conditions, Privacy Disclosure, Risk Disclosure, More about The Rock Trading, Anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism policies.

Features of The Rock Trading

1. API: There are 2 types of API tech. in The Rock Trading, these are; Market API and Trading API. The former monitors real-time changes in the market while the latter is used by trading bots.

2. Fast Deposits: Making deposits on The Rock Trading is fast and easy. Within few minutes, you have your deposit made and you can start trading.

3. Users: There are people called “Verified Users” on The Rock Trading; however, there are 2 benefits they enjoy being verified. These benefits are; transferring of fiat currencies and having less confirmations when making deposits.

4. News Update: The news section gives recent information about the platform.

Pros & Cons
  • The Rock Trading has a reputation for effective trading.
  • Being the oldest, it would probably be lacking some advanced features.
  • Site looks susceptible to hack.