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Cryptorum Review
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It would appear that everyone on Cryptorum has taken the bear market a little too seriously and done away with themselves at the bottom of a rum bottle.

Okay, they’re probably fine and working actual jobs now, but on a serious note, this forum is nearly dead. There are literally single digit numbers for total posts in most of their topic threads. Not all of them are single digit numbers, but some are.

The layout of this forum a little more like Reddit in a sense that it doesn’t have specific topic threads on the main screen but more so a list of the most recent posts. Of course you can find that all too familiar forum setup on the forums tab, located at the top of the page. Some posts have a decent amount of replies but there are a handful that go unnoticed. To me, there is really no reason to come here when you have access to other great resources like reddit, bitcointalk, etc.

The forums does claim to have over 2.5k users, but it certainly doesn’t seem like many of them are active daily. Nothing really specific here would cause me to divert attention away from other higher quality crypto forums.

Topics included in CryptoRum:

New Users


Cryptocurrency help

Economic Speculation

Mining Knowledgebase

Recent Cryptocurrency resources

Pros & Cons
  • Although not very active, there are still a few straggles that may wish to converse with a newcomer.
  • Same con for all forums and that is to beware of the dirty shilling, scamming, MLM, ponzi pirates.
  • Oh, and it’s also not nearly as active as other forums.