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Etherchain Review
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Etherchain looks like yet another Ethereum blockchain scanning website. Yay more of the exact same tools just named differently! Pretty lame if you ask me.

Aside from my moaning and groaning about finding unoriginal websites, this website is still very useful and full of great information.

You should expect to encounter a well design and easy to use platform giving you access to a plethora of ETH blockchain data points. Initially, the site displays ETH price, difficulty, block time, hash rate, TPS and uncle rate.

Scrolling past that you will gain access to a block chart and transaction chart side by side. The block chart simply displays an updating list of the most recent blocks completed. The transactions graph will simply display the latest TX address and contents of the most recent ETH transaction.

Aside from the initial data given, you can choose from the top tool bar to see more detailed information. These categories include Blockchain, Accounts, statistics, tools, and pools

Hehe, tools and pools. I like that. Someone should make that a website for sure.

These categories display pretty basic information that I think would be faster for you to just visit than read my explanation of each and every one of them.

This site doesn’t actually contain anything you can’t find on the other ETH blockchain related websites but it also isn’t bad. You make the call!

Pros & Cons
  • It is a fully functioning block scanning info hub.
  • The interface is unique but kept clean and easy to use.
  • There are multiple other websites that do the exact same thing as this one.