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Just-Dice.com Review
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Just-Dice is an online gambling website that specializes only in dice games, nothing more. For lovers of Dice games, this is a quick solution to all your worries and search. The game looks easy since games played on the site has been programmed with algorithms.

There are 3 features you will find on the home page;

- Chance: This section shows a player’s range of winning. All data within this range are; Minimum (represented by A), -1 (represented by S), +1 (represented by D), and Maximum (represented by F). Just directly under Chance is the percentage of the chance to win and payout.

- Bet: The bet placed on games are also very important. Bets are also placed in a range of Minimum (represented by Z), /2 (represented by X), x2 (represented by C), and Maximum (represented by V). Below the Bet option, there is the Bet size and Profit

- Actions: There are 3 actions often performed on Just-Dice, they are; Deposit (represented by I), Withdrawals (represented by O), and Randomize (represented by P). For the actions, below it is the “Roll high” and “Roll low”.

Also, on Just-Dice, some information is displayed, such as;

• Player’s username

• Time when these players placed the bet.

• Bet identification.

• Lucky number

• Target and

• Bet.

Pros & Cons
  • The site is a good and easy place to play dice games.
  • It supports a FAQ protocol.
  • Players can report suspicious actions to a Mod.
  • Site looks too clumsy and crowded.
  • The site is monotonous with little information about what they stand for.