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NGS Crypto

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Discovering NGS Crypto: A Review on Blockchain Mining & Investment

Today I am going to share my review on NGS Crypto, a fintech platform that dabbles in blockchain mining, crypto-asset strategy, and digital asset management services. They are an Australian company boasting an attractive passive fixed return of up to 16% annually. The big question on everyone's mind is, "How do they make it feasible?" Let’s unfold the story of NGS Crypto, shall we?

About NGS Crypto

Based in beautiful Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia, NGS Crypto has painted the narrative of being a platform where members can accomplish 'life-changing wealth' through blockchain mining. Their method of making a profit resembles traditional financial institutions, like banks or credit card enterprises. Instead of physical transactions, they are in the digital space, exclusively focusing on blockchain mining. Just think of blockchain mining as investing in an ATM or EFTPOS machine. Every processed transaction has a micro fee attached. Small fees add up when you factor in the number of transactions per day in the crypto market. This explains how NGS Crypto can potentially make consistent fixed-rate returns up to 16% a year.

How Does NGS Crypto Work?

When members invest with NGS Crypto, their capital is utilized to lease machines from their mining headquarters located in Batam, Indonesia. No traditional stock or property investments here. The focus remains purely on mining, which offers a fixed rate of return between 6% and 16% per annum. The determining factors of return rates are your chosen amount of investment and your lock-up term, which can be two, three, or five years. Once the term ends, you can choose to withdraw your initial capital or reinvest it. Even better, NGS Crypto is not just a one-way earning street. They handle purchasing, running, and maintaining the machines. Plus, their research and development team is consistently looking at the future to ensure member interests are maximized.

Getting Started with NGS Crypto

Ready to mine digital gold? NGS Crypto has streamlined the process into a five-step plan. Starting with choosing one of four investment methods - cash, superannuation, cryptocurrency, or home equity. Then you decide on the amount of investment and the lock-up period. Once everything is set, the Initial Mining Agreement (IMA) needs to be signed, which sets out your terms with NGS Crypto. Followed by transferring your funds as per your chosen investment method. The moment everything is finalized, you'll start receiving your daily returns to your NGS Crypto account.

Added Value From NGS Crypto

Did I mention the added benefits with NGS Crypto? As a member, their service extends beyond daily returns. They offer educational resources, loyalty bonuses, and members-only offers. Need assistance? Their Australian-based customer support team is there to assist you during office hours. Above all, there are no account keeping or management fees. Now, that's a pleasant surprise, isn't it?

Risks & Regulating NGS Crypto

Every coin has two sides and it's my duty to acquaint you with the potential risks associated with this platform. Just like other cryptocurrencies, there is the risk of losing money due to the market's volatility. Other risks include potential fraud or security breaches. Unfortunately, there isn't any financial regulator overseeing NGS Crypto. Hence, one should weigh the risks before jumping into the game.

Alternatives to NGS Crypto

Though NGS Crypto seems enticing, it’s always wise to know your options. Among top alternatives are platforms like Coinbase, Kraken, and Binance. These offer similar services and might offer better regulation.

NGS Crypto proves to be a platform with potential and intriguing offerings. However, it isn't free from risks and lacks regulation. As we bid adieu, remember, this review is strictly for educational purposes and not financial advice. In the ever-changing world of crypto, always do your homework. Got questions or comments about NGS Crypto? Feel free to share below. I hope you found this review valuable. If so, don't forget to like and share this article.

Deep-Dive Into Blockchain Mining & NGS Crypto’s Scheme

Introducing the world of blockchain mining, where transactions are approved and digital fortunes are made. Of particular interest is NGS Crypto and how its unique blockchain mining scheme operates. Blockchain mining, in simplest terms, is an intermediate process that assists in validating and approving financial transactions between two parties. Essentially, it forms the backbone of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others that are based on the blockchain technology. The key factor here is that the blockchain miners receive a small reward for their role in facilitating the transactions, and that's where NGS Crypto fits in. NGS Crypto takes this concept a step further by allowing members to participate in the lucrative business. Comparatively, think of it like owning an ATM or old-school EFTPOS machine where each transaction made levies a micro fee. Now, multiply this with the whopping 400 billion dollars worth of transactions that occur daily, and you've got yourself a potentially profitable venture- Cryptocurrency style!

How NGS Crypto Works and Promises Consistent Returns

You may ask, "How does NGS Crypto constantly provide members with up to 16% returns every year?" Well, the answer lies in the company's unique approach. Unlike conventional investments where funds are used to purchase assets such as stocks, real estate, or commodities, partnering with NGS Crypto uses your capital to lease machines from their mining headquarters in Batam, Indonesia. Your funds are purely used for mining which offers a fixed rate of return from 6% to 16% per annum. You have the freedom to decide how much you wish to invest and which lock-up term from their available two, three or five years suits you best. The returns are calculated and paid daily into your NGS account, delivered in Bitcoin. You can choose to save for long-term capital growth or sell at the market rate for your fixed return. The machinery involved, together with their potential for transactions and operating costs, can predict expected returns months or even years in advance. Underlying this operation model is the hard-running NGS Crypto’s research and development team, which ensures you enjoy consistent passive returns.

Impeccable Customer Support and Added Value

The level of customer service offered by NGS Crypto sparks an intense competition among its rivals. Should you encounter any problem or require assistance, NGS Crypto’s Australia-based support team is just a phone call away. NGS Crypto also offers a multitude of educational resources, members-only offers, and loyalty bonuses to incentivize you as you continue your journey with them. And, you get to enjoy all of these extras without having to worry about account keeping or management fees.

Frequently Asked Questions about NGS Crypto


What is NGS Crypto?

NGS Crypto is a Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia-based fintech platform that provides blockchain mining, crypto-asset strategy, and digital asset management services.

How does NGS Crypto make money?

They generate revenue from service charges, percentage cuts from client investments, and selling ad space on their social media platforms and website.


Is investing with NGS Crypto a risk?

Yes, as with any investment, there are risks involved. These include the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, the potential for fraud, and potential security breaches. Always ensure you conduct ample research before making investments.

Is NGS Crypto regulated?

NGS Crypto is not regulated by any financial regulating body.

What are alternatives to NGS Crypto?

Some popular alternatives include established cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase, Kraken, and Binance.

In closing, NGS Crypto offers a unique venture into the world of blockchain mining, ensuring the potential for consistent returns. However, like any investment, it is crucial to ensure your thorough understanding and acceptance of the possible risks. Please note that this review is merely for informative purposes and not a promotion of NGS Crypto. Always perform your due diligence before entering into any investment. Please visit our website, for more crypto-based information.

Investment Process with NGS Crypto

For individuals interested in cryptocurrency mining but think it's too complex or technical, your worries end here. NGS Crypto makes it straightforward to start earning with cryptocurrency mining, even for beginners. With returns of up to 16% per annum, they simplify the process into five simple steps. As a renowned crypto reviewer and owner of, I've seen a lot, but NGS Crypto's approach is one that I find very engaging.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Invest with NGS Crypto

Step 1: Structure Firstly, NGS Crypto allows members to determine their mode of investment. This could be done through Cash, Superannuation, Cryptocurrency, or Home Equity. For cash or cryptocurrency transactions, it's a smooth sail via the NGS Crypto website. If you're going the Superannuation or Home Equity route, you may need to reach out to an NGS representative, who will guide you through the process seamlessly. They maintain established relationships with some of Australia's leading financial professionals to make your investment journey as easy as possible. 

Step 2: Returns With your investment mode decided, the next step involves determining your investment amount and lockup period. NGS offers lockup terms over two, three, or five years. Based on your investment amount and preferred term, you can calculate your guaranteed fixed rate of return, which falls between 6% and 16% per annum. 

Step 3: Agreement With your investment details settled, NGS Crypto drafts an Initial Mining Agreement (IMA). The IMA outlines your agreement terms, and you're allowed to discuss it with an NGS representative if anything is unclear. After accepting the terms, you'll be able to sign your IMA digitally, and NGS will commence setting up your account. 

Step 4: Transfer The fourth step requires transferring funds to NGS Crypto, with the method depending on your chosen investment route. For cash or crypto transactions, you can rapidly execute this through online banking or a direct cryptocurrency transfer. For Superannuation or equity purchases, it might take a little longer due to needed setups or financial steps such as refinancing your home loan. The NGS representative and your trusted financial professional would guide you through this process to ensure its smoothness. 

Step 5: Profit Once your account setup is finalized, you'll start receiving your daily returns to your NGS Crypto account. They understand that investment isn't just about daily returns, so NGS Crypto grants you access to educational resources, exclusive members-only offers, and loyalty bonuses for longer-term members.

Customer Support and Added Value

NGS Crypto provides exceptional customer support, ready to assist you during office hours. They maintain an Australian-based team ready to help with any queries or issues. Best of all, no account keeping or management fees are attached, making the service more attractive to investors. Though this certainly sounds appealing, remember to carry out independent research before investment. We all have unique financial situations and investment appetites. The world of cryptocurrencies is exciting but can be volatile. As such, it's advisable to fully understand what you're getting into and only invest what you're comfortable with. Finally, remember, my aim is to provide you, my readers and crypto enthusiasts, with the most comprehensive and unbiased reviews. If you have any questions about NGS Crypto or anything crypto-related, don't hesitate to drop a comment or get in touch.

NGS Crypto offers an appealing investment opportunity for individuals looking to delve into blockchain mining. They have simplified the process into five easy steps, making it simple for anyone interested in earning from daily returns on investment. While the prospect of earning up to a 16% return annually is tempting, it's always valuable to do your due diligence and research the company thoroughly.

Customer Support and Added Value from NGS Crypto

Like most successful businesses, NGS Crypto understands the importance of excellent customer service and support. They go above and beyond to distinguish themselves from the competition by providing a level of care that truly adds value to their platform. Let me guide you through my personal experience with NGS Crypto as we delve into the specifics of their customer support and the additional value they offer. First off, NGS Crypto's Australian-based support team deserves a shout-out. Regardless of the issues I faced or the questions that popped up, their proficient team provided solutions promptly, ensuring minimal interruptions to my user experience. This competent and reliable assistance is only a call away, seven days a week during office hours. I must say, getting help has never been easier!

NGS Crypto's Value-Added Educational Resources

Perhaps the most commendable feature of NGS Crypto is their plethora of educational resources. Not only are these materials inherently valuable for beginners, but experienced investors will also appreciate the insights offered. This service drives home their pledge to educate members in the blockchain mining domain, fostering a knowledgeable community. Well-researched articles, in-depth blogs and timely updates on trends and market movements equip users with the data they need to make informed investment decisions.

NGS Crypto's Exciting Members-Only Offers

Another aspect of NGS Crypto that sets it apart is the opportunity to participate in exclusive, members-only offers. These offers come replete with loyalty bonuses, rewarding users the longer they stay committed to NGS Crypto. As if that weren't enough, there's absolutely zero cost in account keeping or management fees, strengthening my confidence in their commitment to transparency and profitability for users.

The NGS Crypto Difference

What sets NGS Crypto apart from other crypto companies is their commitment to serving their customers’ needs. This includes running and maintaining the machines, researching effective mining equipment and strategies, handling all purchasing, and even notifying members at the end of each day about their returns. Such a user-friendly platform and comprehensive approach, in my experience, have proven to be the NGS Crypto difference. To sum it up, NGS Crypto's customer service and added value offerings are truly tailor-made to suit the needs of their members. Whether you are a brand-new investor or a seasoned trader, NGS Crypto provides an unmatched level of support that makes every interaction a pleasure rather than a hassle. However, let’s not forget the hard truth: investing in blockchain mining comes with its own set of risks. No review is complete without understanding the risks involved, so make sure to do your homework and understand the potential challenges before you jump in.

Get In Touch

If you wish to find out more or have questions that need answers, you can get in touch with NGS Crypto through their website or call them at 1300 001 647. Trust me; their friendly representative can provide the guidance you need in your journey.

NGS Crypto Review: Analysis & Insight

I've embarked on another insightful journey, letting my insatiable curiosity guide me deep into the crypto landscape. Today, my searchlight lands on NGS Crypto. I have carried out an extensive analysis, chronicling my journey to discover what this platform really brings to the table. Buckle up and grab your cup of coffee, let's embark on this crypto expedition!

Common Questions and Transparent Answers about NGS Crypto

I dug deep, examined, and characterized the NGS Crypto web-based platform. It is designed to facilitate blockchain mining and digital-asset management, providing steady, passive income. However, the platform does have its intricacies, and I set out to uncover them. The results? A detailed Q&A session, providing transparent answers aimed at grasping every inch of the NGS experience. If you're currently researching NGS Crypto - this is precisely the insight you need!

What Exactly Is NGS Crypto?

NGS Crypto, an Australian-based Fintech platform based in Surfers Paradise, Queensland, thrives in the realms of blockchain mining, digital-asset strategy, and management. By providing an opportunity for its members to earn passive fixed-rate returns of up to 16% annually, NGS Crypto represents a new horizon in the universe of blockchain mining.

How Does NGS Crypto Work?

NGS Crypto’s principles are a blend of modern tech with a tried-and-tested earnings model. NGS Crypto evocatively uses the example of investing in ATM/EFTpos machine ownership to explain its model. It provides hardware and hosting services for mining Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other crypto assets. Essentially, every time a transaction occurs, it attracts a micro fee, much like a withdrawal or payment fee from an ATM. Amplifying this by considering the whopping 400 billion USD worth of transactions happening each day, it's clear why the industry of blockchain mining is such a profitable one.

How is NGS Crypto Able To Deliver High Returns?

Key to the NGS Crypto model is the usage of your capital. Unlike conventional investments where funds are deployed to purchase assets like stocks, bonds or real estate, your resources aren't used for purchasing portable assets— instead, they lease machines from the firm's mining headquarters in Batam, Indonesia. As such, the focus shifts from contending with traditional volatility to facilitating mining, which yields fixed returns ranging between 6-16% per annum. Ensuring regular interest payments is the firm's payment strategy allowing you to accumulate Bitcoin or convert it at market price— all managed by their top-notch research and development team.

How Do I Get Started With NGS Crypto?

I have noticed that their simple five-step process of investing is user-friendly. You begin by deciding how you want to invest (cash, cryptocurrencies, superannuation or home equity), followed by working out your lockup period and investment amount, which then determines your fixed returns. And it's not limited to just earnings— NGC Crypto goes the extra mile with resources, offers, loyalty bonuses, and customer support that enhance the member experience.

Is There a Risk With Investing in NGS Crypto?

It won't be an honest review if we don't talk about the risks. While NGS Crypto holds a lot of promise, just like all investments, there exists an array of risks. The danger lies in potential value fluctuations because of the volatile character of the cryptocurrency market or the risk of sly scammers lurking in the shadows. Moreover, it's essential to note that NGS Crypto is not overseen by any financial regulator, which does raise a red flag.


These details provide a bird's eye view of the how, what, and why of NGS Crypto. After extensive research, it's clear that NGS Crypto promotes a unique blend of traditional methods and modern tech to generate consistent returns. However, like many younger outfits in the industry, it has its kinks, especially when it comes to transparency and regulatory oversight. While deciding to invest with NGS Crypto, you should take into consideration all these facts and carry out further research. After all, it's your hard-earned money and truly, the decision solely lies with you! If you enjoyed this deep-dive into the world of NGS Crypto, hit like, and don’t forget to share! I'm all ears for any of your questions, comments, or suggestions.


In my view, NGS Crypto offers an interesting approach to cryptocurrency investment by functioning like an ATM, offering a steady stream of passive income, and providing a user-friendly investment process. On the flip side, it's crucial to keep in mind that the crypto market is unpredictable. While the platform promises lenient and regulated operations, it remains unregulated by any financial body. Having gone through the platform and after substantial research, I believe that NGS Crypto could be a good cryptocurrency investment option, considering that you understand the risks involved. As always, I encourage you to do your due diligence and seek the right advice before diving in. You can check out other alternatives like Coinbase, Kraken, and Binance. Feel free to share and like this article if you found it valuable, and don't hesitate to ask any questions or suggestions about NGS Crypto. Happy investing!


*This review is based on my personal research and should not be considered financial advice. Always conduct your own research before making any decisions related to financial investments.* ##