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Gorilla Token

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(24 reviews)
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Their Official site text:

Gorilla - White Paper

Meet Gorilla, the utility token of the community-powered by the $GORILLA ecosystem.


Gorilla is the answer to an ambitious question: What would happen if a crypto project was owned and ran by its own community?

Projects that are built on the foundation of community are the untamed wilderness of our blockchain future. As we move further away from rigid social structures and traditional mindsets, we become free to discover new ways to solve problems and relate to one another.

A community is held together by hundreds and thousands of interconnected moments. By studying those drawn to our project, we realise that true power doesn’t come from a single perspective, it comes from working together in harmony.

With that through in mind, we present to you the $GORILLA Ecosystem!

Cross-Chain Swap

Gorilla Swap is an innovative way to allow cross-chain trading in a user-friendly way.

DeFi has a rising need for the ability to move tokens across Blockchains.  Gorilla recognises that cross-chain transactions are the building block towards a multi-chain future and provides an easy and intuitive way to swap from one major blockchain to another.

A key component of blockchain technology is the cross-chain swap, which enables token exchanges across different blockchains and makes them interoperable. It allows people to make payments in a particular token even when they are on different blockchains. 

Benefits of Cross-Chain Swap

Lowering Volatility: Enabling Gorilla tokens to benefit from cross-chain swaps will provide the ecosystem a way of dealing with the volatility of prices. Holders can swap their tokens to protect its value. It will also enable holders to join liquidity pools which stabilise the overall price. 

Reaping Benefits of Layer 2 sidechains: The expanding blockchain ecosystem has necessitated interest in blockchain bridges. The shortcomings of well-known blockchains, like Ethereum, prompted the creation of other blockchains and even Layer 2 sidechains. These new chains provided benefits including lower transaction costs, increased network throughput, and access to novel yield-earning activities.

Lower Prices: Overall, cross-chain swaps help to avoid the barriers of moving coins across different Blockchain networks. By using the Gorilla platform holders will get the benefit of low prices for cross-chain swaps. This will aid in the generation of considerably more dynamic crypto usage. Cross-chain swaps can also help to avoid the effects of crypto downswings as holders can easily swap without worrying about disparate blockchains. Holders can switch chains to get better deals for their crypto assets, like a higher APY for their staking, or to enjoy lower transaction fees on L2 chains.

Stop-loss Limit: This feature will enable traders to buy and sell automatically without the need to constantly check prices. This assures that investor's can trade safely within their own risk tolerance.

AI Trading: Our ground-breaking AI technology will allow Gorilla investors to mirror top-ranking expert trader's portfolios across a number of different blockchains. 


Take new projects to space with Gorilla Pad!

Gorilla Pad is a crypto launchpad that allows new crypto projects to raise funds while giving investors first access to tokens.

Gorilla Pad is a decentralized exchange (DEX)-based platform where crypto projects are introduced and can obtain funding. Before being publicly listed, early-stage crypto token sales are made available to the project’s crypto investors.

Gorilla community members will benefit from a great chance to profit from a future price increase by buying tokens at low prices and selling them at a profit later on. Because the cost of launching is so minimal, the platform can also draw in more crypto projects for funding.

The Gorilla Pad exists to connect cryptocurrency projects and interested communities. This launchpad helps founders raise money from potential users and investors and give investors a chance to maximize their return on investment.

Transparency and security are two key features. Users who create a new account will be subjected to a KYC process to verify their identity. This procedure also makes it harder for someone to manipulate the system by making transactions using several aliases.

What are the benefits of Gorilla Pad? 

Gorilla Pad brings new cryptocurrency projects and investors together. Among the other benefits are the following:

Low fees: Some launchpads only charge a nominal fee, but Gorilla Pad charges zero upfront fees. 

Security: We vet both users and projects thoroughly, safeguarding everyone involved. It’s also unlikely that a breach would occur because investors have absolute ownership of their assets, and launchpads do not store user funds.

No waiting period: Tokens are available immediately after purchase without needing a processing period.

Transparent Tax: We charge only a 5% tax on sales, with 50% directed back to the $GORILLA ecosystem for buybacks, liquidity, CEXs, and marketing, ensuring the growth of the mother token. 

Token Launch Management: Our experienced team will seamlessly manage token launches from start to finish.

Liquidity Provision: We will ensure sufficient liquidity for a smooth presale and limited price volatility. 

Wallet Integration: Our users will benefit from integrated wallets for their convenience. 

Claim and Refund: This assured a secure claim and refund options for community members. 

LP Lock for Security: An essential part of security with liquidity pool locking mechanisms. 

Token Locking & Vesting: We implement a token lock and vesting solutions which assured project stability. 

Whitelists: Community members benefit from whitelist access. This allows better control of participant access.

NFT Collection

The "Mad Gorilla" range is part of the Mad Gorilla Unified Cryptonairs Collection #MGUC.


These NFTs provide users with a range of powerful utilities and benefits, enhancing their participation and influence within the project. 

Limited Supply: The collection consists of only 3,333 unique NFTs, ensuring their scarcity and exclusivity. This limited supply adds to the collectability and value of each NFT

Staking Rewards: NFT holders can stake their NFTs and earn $BANANA tokens as rewards. This incentivizes the ownership of NFTs and allows holders to passively generate income while contributing to the project's growth and success. Earning $BANANAS also enables holders to acquire one of the hundred exclusive "Mad Gorilla" NFTs in a unique 1-on-1 setting. 

Royalty fees: A 5% royalty fee applies to the collection, with 50% of that revenue reinvested back into the $GORILLA ecosystem. 

Community Engagement and Participation: By owning a Gorilla NFT, you become an integral part of the project's community. You can actively engage with other NFT holders, share ideas, collaborate, and contribute to the vibrant ecosystem surrounding the project.

Exclusive Access and Privileges: NFT holders may gain access to exclusive features, benefits, or experiences within the project ecosystem. This can include early access to new features, participation in limited events, or access to unique collaborations, giving NFT holders a distinct advantage and additional value.

Built on Ethereum: The NFTs are built on the Ethereum blockchain, which is widely recognized as the largest and most active ecosystem for NFTs. Leveraging Ethereum ensures the NFTs' security, reliability, and compatibility with various marketplaces and platforms


Basic Information:

Project Name: Gorilla

Symbol: GORIL

Decimals: 9

Contract Ownership: Renounced

Launch date: 9 November 2023

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Initial Token Distribution:

Staking: 4.5%

Farming: 4.5%

Marketing: 4.5%

Exchange Funds: 9%

Uniswap Liquidity: 4.3%

Other Liquidity: 2.9%

0.3% fee on transactions 

0.1% goes to the LP

0.1% to the rewards pool for LP providers

0.1% goes back to the $GORILLA ecosystem.



We have exciting plans to expand our ecosystem, offering enhanced opportunities and collaborations to our users:

Partner Token Rewards: In the future, we aim to partner with other tokens and projects, allowing our users to receive rewards not only in $GORILLA and $BANANA tokens but also in tokens from future partner projects. This expansion broadens the earning potential for our users, enabling them to collect tokens from various projects and diversify their portfolios.

Meme Project Integration: We recognize the power of meme projects and their vibrant communities. To cater to this growing trend, we will introduce a feature that allows other meme projects to utilize our launchpad and DApp. By partnering with these projects, their communities can easily access our platform, benefiting from our user-friendly interface and robust infrastructure.

By expanding our reward options through partnerships and welcoming meme projects onto our platform, we aim to create a dynamic ecosystem where users can engage with a wide range of tokens and communities. Our focus remains on delivering simplicity, security, and rewarding experiences to all participants.

Stay tuned for updates on these expansion plans as we continue to evolve and enhance our platform to meet the evolving needs of our users and the broader crypto community.


Token Audit

An ERC20 token contract audit is a comprehensive review and evaluation of the code and functionality of a token contract that follows the ERC20 standard on the Ethereum blockchain. The ERC20 standard defines a set of rules and guidelines that token contracts should adhere to in order to ensure compatibility and interoperability with other applications and wallets that interact with ERC20 tokens.

During an ERC20 token contract audit, independent security experts or audit firms carefully examine the token contract's codebase, looking for potential vulnerabilities, bugs, or weaknesses in the implementation. The audit aims to identify any security risks, potential exploits, or issues that could lead to loss or misuse of funds.

The audit process typically involves a combination of manual code review, automated analysis tools, and rigorous testing to assess the contract's security, functionality, and compliance with best practices. The audit report provides detailed findings, recommendations, and suggested improvements to address any identified vulnerabilities or concerns.

By conducting an ERC20 token contract audit, token issuers and developers can gain confidence in the security and reliability of their contract, ensure compliance with industry standards, and reduce the risks associated with deploying and using the token in production environments. It also helps to establish trust among token holders and potential investors.


Gorilla Audit By Techrate

Our $GORILLA contract has undergone a comprehensive audit by Techrate, ensuring top-tier security and reliability. Your trust and investment security are our top priorities.