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Bitcoin.com.au Blog Review
Bitcoin.com.au Blog
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Bitcoin Australia is essentially a bitcoin hub of information, tutorials, guides, news, etc. All things Bitcoin is what you’ll find here and their blog makes finding information very easy. Although their blog is called a blog on the small tags at the top, it is primarily referred to as the news section and even comes up as /news/ in the address bar so hopefully you don’t feel like you’re in the wrong place! This is confusing, someone should fix that as there is a clear difference between just a news page and a full-fledged blog. Which is it!? No one knows. Except me. I know. It’s a blog. Obviously. It contains more than just news such as general crypto discussion, tutorials, stories about bicyclists, tech reviews, etc. So. Blog. Got it.

This site, other then being a little odd with titling its blog section is quite nice to use and very easy to navigate so long as you know the news section is actually the entire blog section.

Expect to find almost weekly content updated on this blog that is written professionally with beginners in mind. Most of the posts are very informative and do a great job of turning complex issues into easy to understand content. That’s not always easy in the crypto world, so hats off to them!

Pros & Cons
  • This is a great hub for information and not only for Australians but for everyone!
  • The site is well designed and very clean. No annoying ads in the way and easy to find the content you want to read about.
  • Like I mentioned several times already, they have a bit of confusion with what a blog section is versus a news section is.