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Gminers Bitcoin Mining Platform: Pros, Cons, Pricing, and How to get started

As a crypto trader, you already know the immense profit you can make from a Bitcoin investment. You can either buy and hold, sell futures, stake, or mine Bitcoins. But Bitcoin mining requires expensive resources; staking is not almost reserved for people with hears of experience while holding Bitcoin has a level of risk equal to the profit- and you can wait for months before making a profit.

No wonder crypto enthusiasts like you are now investing in crypto cloud mining. Why? It is not resource-intensive since you can get started with a basic PC. Additionally, you do need to be a guru in crypto trading.

The only problem with cloud mining is that you may find yourself guessing who to trust, given the large number of cloud mining websites online today-promising ridiculous profit margins and fancy returns.

But don't worry. This article will cover one of the trusted cloud mining platforms, Gminers. You may be asking, "What is Gminers?", "how does Gminers work?" how much can I make on Gminers?", "Is Gminers safe?" etc. All these questions and more will be answered.

About Gminers

Gminers is a mobile cloud-mining platform based in London. The website allows anybody to mine Bitcoin and make a profit from the comfort of their own home. Because of its automated cloud mining feature, Gminer's popularity is fast growing among crypto enthusiasts at all levels.

Gminers has mining firms in numerous countries and has invested in mining farms and data centers in Europe and Asia to ensure seamless and uninterrupted transactions. Its mining methods are powered by renewable energy sources, making it an environmentally beneficial crypto firm that also makes you money.

Before we look at why Gminers might be a great choice for investors, let's talk about the company's mission.

What is Gminer's mission?

Gminer's goal is to make cryptocurrency accessible for everyone. With Gminers, crypto mining is no longer a fancy investment opportunity reserved for people with deep pockets. Now, even a crypto noob can now make a steady passive income from crypto mining without breaking the bank.

Additionally, Gminers invests in sophisticated data centers that run entirely on green (renewable) energy so that while everyone earns from cloud mining, they also contribute to repairing the climate.

How does work?

On Gminers, you basically get an opportunity to make a high profit by renting hash power to mine BTC. Let me explain how mining works for those who do not know.

Mining is the process of scouting for blocks of bitcoin to buy. This is done for you automatically using GMiners. Each attempt is referred to as a 'hash' in the industry. GMiners charge $0.0120 GH/s for their service, which is 1 billion tries per second.

Pros of

Automated Smart Mining

Gminer users do not need to buy heavy bitcoin mining machines to join the pool. Once you buy a contract, Gminer's automated smart mining rents some GH/s for you in the mining pool, and you will start making a profit instantly.

It is a regulated cloud mining platform

GMiners, unlike other mining choices, is a licensed mining firm that assures your earnings are secure.

Personal account manager

Gminer does not just offer active customer support, they also assign a personal account to you. The person's role is to guide you and offer assistance so you can have a great user experience throughout.

24h uptime

You can buy mining contracts, deposit, withdraw or even talk to a customer representative any time of the day.

Different tiers

There are 4 different tiers for prospective cloud miners ranging from starter to VIP, depending on the amount you wish to invest. Keep reading for a detailed breakdown of these tiers.

Credit cards accepted

Unlike cloud mining platforms like Hashlists, Gminers accept payment via credit card, making it a more convenient option for many.

Referral program

Refer and earn up to 20% when someone registers on Gminers and one of the mining plans with your affiliate link.

Detailed dashboard

Unlike the typically complex market charts, Gminers equips you with a simple and detailed dashboard where you can track your daily earnings, referral clicks, and lots more.

Instant withdrawal anytime

There is no cap on the amount you can withdraw from your profit on Gminers. Similarly, you can withdraw anytime.

Mobile access

While Gminers does not have a mobile application, you can access the website from your phone's browser so you can carry your investment with you and manage your account from anywhere.

Reliable partners

Gminers partners with Bitcoin, Skrill, and Webmoney to provide stellar and secure transactions.

Global access and Multi-language support

Gminers is accessible anywhere in the world without VPN access. On top of that, you can also read the website in 6 languages, including Russian, French, and Spanish.

Cons of

The minimum investment is higher than competitors

With a minimum investment of $500, Gminer's cloud mining plan may be too expensive for crypto investors who can also make a profit on investments as low as $8 and $100 on competitor websites like Hashlists.

Mining only Bitcoin

While other websites allow mining Litecoin, Ethereum, and even Dogecoin, Gminers mines only Bitcoin.

Profit calculation may be too complex

Gminer's profit calculation may be incomprehensible for a total beginner who does not understand what a Hash or GH/s is. 

How to get started on

This is how to register on Gminers to start earning passive cloud mining income:

  • Click on "Register" on the website

  • Complete the form with

    • your name

    • email address

    • phone number

    • password

  • Complete the captcha verification

  • Check the box if you agree to the terms and conditions

  • Now click the link sent to your email address to verify that your email is active original.

You are now a member of the Gminers cloud mining network. But that is not all; you need to verify your identity before you can buy a contract, deposit, or withdraw your earnings. Here are the steps to do that:

  • From your account menu, click "Account" on the left navigation bar

  • Under identity verification, select the type of document you prefer to upload from the list

    • Passport

    • National ID

    • Driving license

  • Click send and wait for approval from customer support.

  • If your identification document is approved, you will now be able to buy mining contracts and withdraw your earnings.

After verifying your registration, it's time to choose an investment plan on Gminers. But before you do that should understand GH/s and how your profit is calculated.

Understanding GH/s and profit on Gminers cloud mining

GH/s is a term you will frequently come across on Gminers. It means GigaHash/per second, representing the computing power of a mining machine. The higher the hash rate of the machine, the higher the number of Bitcoin it will mine.

The amount of reward depends entirely on the capacity of the hired hash power. So be sure to calculate the total return and select the right difficulty level beforehand. For example, investing $500 will give you approximately 15331 GH/s. With that amount of hash power, you will earn $2.60 daily, $78 monthly, and $936/year. That's over 150% ROI.

So keep that in mind when you buy any of the mining contracts on Gminers.

Gminers tiers, choosing the right plan.

The cloud mining plans on Gminers all have a one-year duration but are different depending on their hash power, investment capital, and estimated profit. Here is the breakdown:

Starter Plan

The starter plan is the lowest investment tier on Gminers, offering 90,000 Ghs at a 143% profitability.

Professional plan

This one-year plan sells 450 000 GH/s at a 149% profit rate if one GH/s generates $0.0120.

Smart plan

Here, you are offered 2 000 000 GH/s at a 156% profit when one GH/s generates $ 0.0120

VIP plan

Unlimited GH/s at a 170% profit. You have to contact the support team to customize this plan.

How to buy mining contracts on

  • From anywhere on the website, click on "Miners "in the navigation bar as doing that will open your profile

  • Under "your miners" section, click on "Add miner"

  • The default mining plan is set at $500 for 15331 GH/s, but you can add more if you edit the figure.

Note that an additional 30% GH/s is added for a first-time user, so don't be confused if your calculation is not accurate with the figure displayed. You can check off the option below to disable this bonus.

  • When you have selected the right plan, click "Add miner."

  • Proceed to make payment to complete the purchase.

If you do not have money in your wallet, the next section will show you how to fund your Gminers wallet so you can complete a mining contract purchase.

How to deposit on

Gminers allows you to deposit money in three ways: Card, Exchange, and Bitcoin. After clicking "Add miner" above, follow these processes to deposit with a credit card:

  • Input your card details, including

    • Card number

    • Full name

    • CVC

    • Expiry date

  • Click "Make a payment" and wait for your bank to send an OTP

  • Enter the OTP to complete the payment.

Instantly after the payment, your rented miner will start mining bitcoins and make profits.

Note that Gminers only accepts cards from VISA, Mastercard, and American Express.

Do you want to deposit via an exchange platform, follow this process:

  • Click "Exchange" at the top of the page

  • Copy the one-time generated Bitcoin address

  • Open the recommended exchange platform

  • Fill out the form and deposit the money to the one-time Bitcoin address

This process works the same way as in the third method when you want to deposit with Bitcoin.

Note that payment to the address expires after an hour. If you have already made a payment, but the payment status has not yet changed to "Transaction received," do not close the page! Otherwise, the bitcoin address will be assigned to another user, and you will not receive your miner.

How to make extra income on; referral and reinvestment

While your mining contract is making you cool dollars daily, you can also make more money on Gminers through the referral/affiliate program. Interestingly, Gminers will pay you a whopping 20% on each referral after they buy a plan. Let's say you invite a friend, and they buy a $1000 plan; you will make $200 off the purchase.

And there is no hidden fee or additional requirements for this. In fact, you can stay in touch with how your referral business is moving using the dashboard on your account. The dashboard shows you the total amount (in BTC) your referrals have invested, the number of people that have registered with your links, and the referral bonus you have earned so far.

Ready to jump on it? Go to your Gminer account, click on referrals on the side navigation and copy the referral link. Share the link with your audience on social media and the website to start earning.

Gminers security, is the website safe?

Based on our assessment, we have no reason to think that Gminer is not safe. One indication to back up the assessment is that the website is securely encrypted by an SSL certification. This certification prevents third-party websites from viewing or using your card details, name, and other personal information given to the site.

Secondly, Gminers requires each user to link their account to a 2-factor authenticator, which is one of the most reliable web security applications for crypto investors. These features, coupled with the fact that Gminers is regulated and licensed by the government, will keep resting assured that you are not involved in a scam or pyramid scheme.

Frequently asked questions

Is Gminers legal?

Cryptocurrency mining is a legal business anywhere in the world. Cloud mining sites like Gminers further ensure compliance and customer trust because their operation is licensed and regulated by the government.

Does Gminer have an app?

There is no mobile application for Gminers. If you want to deposit, withdraw funds, or buy mining contracts, go to the official website to complete the transactions.

What are the fees on Gminers?

Although third-party sites that complete deposit transactions may charge a small transaction fee, Gminer does not demand any fees.

Can I make a FIAT deposit on Gminers?

Yes, you can fund your wallet with hard currencies on Gminers if your choose to buy a mining contract with your credit card.

Pros & Cons
  • Automated Smart Mining
  • It is a regulated cloud mining platform
  • Personal account manager
  • 24h uptime
  • Different tiers
  • Credit cards accepted
  • Referral program
  • Detailed dashboard
  • Instant withdrawal anytime
  • Mobile access
  • Reliable partners
  • Global access and Multi-language support
  • The minimum investment is higher than competitors
  • Mining only Bitcoin
  • Profit calculation may be too complex