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CryptoGames Review

In an industry where we are used to seeing online casinos with extensive game libraries and mouth-watering bonuses, CryptoGames offers just 9 games and an unconventional user reward system. However, it showcases a high level of proficiency such that users tend to overlook its apparent lack of options. The platform has time and again proven that quality trumps quantity. In essence, it is safe to say that what CryptoGames lacks in options; it makes up for it in functionality.

In this guide, we will be taking a look at the workings of CryptoGames, its core features, and every other detail you need to know before registering an account on it. Also, we will be highlighting its pros and cons.

What is CryptoGames?

CryptoGames is a website that focuses on providing casino services to those looking to bet with cryptocurrencies. Like all crypto casinos, CryptoGames looks to normalize the use of digital assets as the base currency for depositing funds, placing bets, and withdrawing winnings. However, what makes CryptoGames unique is its simplistic approach to crypto gaming. Rather than opt for a more flashy design as we have grown accustomed to in the online casino world, the platform keeps it simple in terms of design and gaming options. In total, there are just 9 games available on the website.

While this may seem like a dealbreaker at first, a closer look shows that CryptoGames is doubling down on creating a specialized gaming ecosystem. This is as opposed to the more generic style utilized by most online casinos. Here, CryptoGames only offers games that have been built in-house. As such, CryptoGames has more control over the quality of its games since it does not depend on the gaming infrastructure of third-party services.

What's more? The online casino has created a social-themed gaming ecosystem such that players not only access quality games but also get to join a community of like-minded individuals interested in sharing ideas. This is possible thanks to the team’s decision to implement a chat window as part of the communication tools available to players. With this, players can effectively be a part of a community where they can share insights, showcase their winnings, and even earn rewards.

Another unique thing about CryptoGames is its promotion and bonus system or the lack thereof. Unlike most online casinos, CryptoGames does not offer bonus packages including welcome bonuses. Instead, it runs daily or weekly competitions thereby establishing a unique way of encouraging users to actively participate.

Perhaps, the most intriguing aspect of CryptoGames’ operations is its business culture that hinges on transparency and fairness. Due to crypto integrations, all of the games on CryptoGames are provably fair. In essence, players can independently verify that CryptoGames does not have an unfair advantage over the outcome of games. Also, the team has done enough to provide users with all the information they need to enjoy their stay on the platform. The policies governing the operations of the platform and users have been clearly stated on the terms and conditions. You can also find other critical information on either the FAQ page or the website’s blog.

It is also worth mentioning that the website supports both desktop and mobile devices. In other words, accessing the platform from your mobile device’s browser does not diminish the overall user experience of the website.

Now that you have a basic understanding of the workings of CryptoGames, let us take a closer look at its features.

What are the features of CryptoGames?

Crypto games

As mentioned earlier, there are a total of 9 games available on CryptoGames. They include Dice, Dice V2 Slots, Minesweeper, Plinko, Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, and Lottery. You will agree that this list covers all of the major categories of casino games. However, the major talking point is that CryptoGames offers one game for each category. Hence, unlike what we are used to, you cannot choose from a wide array of options. Notably, the only category that has more than one game is the dice library and this is because the platform has two variants of dice games, including Dice and Dice V2.

One could argue that this restrictive approach has helped CryptoGames perfect its offerings. With just a handful of games on its platform, the team can focus all of its resources on ensuring that the games are top-notch. More importantly, it makes it easier for players to quickly make up their minds as to which game they will like to play. As a CryptoGames user, you already know the options available and do not need to waste time when picking a game.

Another thing we discovered while researching CryptoGames is that it offers a low house edge on all of its games. According to the details made available on its FAQ section, the house edge are as follows:

  • Dice and Dice v2 offers a house edge of 1%

  • Slot comes with a house edge of 1.97%

  • Blackjack’s house edge is 1.253%

  • Lottery doesn't have a house edge

  • Roulette has a house edge of 2.7%

  • Minesweeper has a house edge of 1%

  • Video Poker - Jacks or Better has a house edge of 2.11%

  • Video Poker - Tens or Better has a house edge of 2.08%

  • Video Poker - Bonus poker has a house edge of 2.09%

  • Plinko - Green ball has a house edge of 1.63%

  • Plinko - Red ball has a house edge of 1.84%

  • Plinko - Blue ball has a house edge of 1.52%

  • Plinko - Yellow ball has a house edge of 1.56%

Apart from the house edge that CryptoGames has made public, it is also transparent about players’ chances of winning. According to CryptoGames, players have a 49.73% chance of winning, and the platform pays out 98.028% of all staked coins. Those familiar with the casino business will agree that this is one of the best deals you will find in the casino industry today.

That said, CryptoGames has also ensured that all of its offerings are provably fair. In other words, CryptoGames provides means of verifying the fairness of its games. As such, users can independently ascertain that the game provider adheres to the advertised odds and that their bet results have not been tampered with.

Supported cryptocurrencies

Although CryptoGames is a bit restrictive when it comes to gaming options, it is more inclusive in terms of supported payment methods. The platform accepts bitcoin and 9 additional altcoins. Below is a list of the supported coins:

  • Bitcoin

  • Ethereum

  • Ethereum Classic

  • Bitcoin Cash

  • Dogecoin

  • Solana

  • Monero

  • NeoGas

  • Dash

  • Litecoin

Looking at the list of digital assets supported by CryptoGames, it is clear that the online casino is looking to enable an inclusive platform where players do not necessarily have to own any of the top 2 cryptocurrencies by market cap to participate in its gaming ecosystem. All in all, there is a wide array of crypto assets to choose from when using CryptoGames.

Deposit and withdrawal limits

Like every crypto casino we have reviewed, CryptoGames require players to adhere to a minimum deposit limit. Hence, you have to deposit a minimum amount before your funds can reflect in your CryptoGames account. Here are the minimum deposit limits for all the coins supported by CryptoGames:

  • 0001 Bitcoin

  • 01 Ether

  • 01 Litecoin

  • 100 Dogecoin

  • 01 Dash

  • 001 Bitcoin Cash

  • 02 NeoGas

  • 02 Ether Classic

  • 001 Solana

  • 01 Monero

On the withdrawal side of the platform’s payment system, the minimum that you can withdraw is 0.0005 Bitcoin or its equivalents in other supported coins.

License and supported regions

According to the information made available, CryptoGames is operated by MuchGaming B.V., a company based and licensed in Curacao. While the casino has an eGaming license issued by regulators in Curacao to operate internationally, there are still certain regions where its services are restricted. The restricted countries are as follows:

  • Australia

  • Aruba

  • Belgium

  • Bonaire

  • Colombia

  • Curacao

  • Cyprus

  • Czechia

  • Estonia

  • France

  • Greece

  • Hungary

  • Hong Kong

  • Iran

  • Ireland

  • Israel

  • Italy

  • Malta

  • Mexico

  • Niger

  • Nigeria

  • North Korea

  • Romania

  • Saba

  • Sint Eustatius

  • Sint Maarten

  • Slovakia

  • Slovenia

  • South Africa

  • Spain

  • Syria

  • Turkey

  • The Netherlands

  • United States

  • United States Territories

  • United Kingdom

  • Bonuses and promotions

As mentioned earlier, CryptoGames does not offer a traditional welcome bonus package. Instead, it constantly organizes promotions designed as competitions. Hence, you will not receive free spins nor will you be eligible to receive bonuses for depositing funds or betting with your CyptoGames account. This also means that there are no wagering requirements whatsoever.

However, you can take advantage of faucets that are available to players trying to test the quality of the games on CryptoGames before making their first deposits. Also, faucets can be used by existing players to keep playing when they run out of funds or to test their strategies before using their funds to place bets. Think of faucets as free money made available for you to place bets. While this is a given, ensure that you do not engage in faucet abuse that may lead to the permanent deactivation of your account. For instance, the withdrawal of winnings solely from faucets is prohibited, and it may cause you to permanently lose access to your account.

Another interesting way you can earn free crypto is through a feature called The Rainbot. This tool is targeted at those actively contributing to the CryptoGames community by using the chat window. You can read more on this feature in the next section.

Chat window

CryptoGames prides itself as a community-focused gaming platform. Hence, it comes as no surprise that it has enabled a chat window where users can message other players. This collaborative tool allows players to share strategies, flaunt their winnings, and get help from the platform’s representatives. Also, you can use this tool to tip other players or buy lottery tickets for a specific user.

More importantly, you will receive points each time you use the chat window. Each message you send fetches you one chat point. The number of points you accrue over time would determine the size of faucets you can access. It is also worth mentioning that CryptoGames distributes a small amount of cryptocurrency, called Rain, in 30 to 90 minutes intervals to those actively using the chat window. Here, the focus is on the frequency and quality of chat messages associated with users. The more meaningful content you contribute to the chatbox, the higher your chance of receiving Rain.

At each interval, the maximum number of players that will receive Rain is 6 while the minimum is 2. Notably, the chat activity analysis is carried out by an AI-enabled bot called Rainbot. In every 24 hours, Rainbot distributes 30% of its balance to users contributing the most to the platform’s chat window. The minimum amount of Rain distributed to each user is 10 satoshi.

Customer support

From all indications, CryptoGames has implemented a robust customer support system for its users. One of the feedback channels available to users is email support. You can also reach the platform’s representatives on the chatbox. Alternatively, you can check the website’s FAQ section to see if your query has already been treated under the frequently asked questions. You can as well explore the platform’s blog to access more detailed explanations and solutions to common issues.

Does CryptoGames enforce KYC?

Having discussed the core features of CryptoGames, you may be wondering: what are the requirements for opening an account on the platform? One thing you should have at the back of your mind is that CryptoGames may request that you undergo an identity verification process. As such, you may need to submit an ID document, your name, address, and other personal documents or information. In other words, CryptoGames may not appeal to players who prefer to remain anonymous.

What are the pros and cons of CryptoGames?

Pros of CryptoGames

CryptoGames is easy to navigate

Part of the advantage of using CryptoGames is that it is easy to navigate. The platform utilizes a simple design that uncomplicates things for players. From the home page, you can access most (if not all) of the core features and games offered by CryptoGames.

It supports a wide range of coins

CryptoGames supports multiple cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. With a total of ten crypto payment methods available to users, it is safe to say that CryptoGames runs an inclusive gaming platform.

The featured games are provably fair

One of the benefits of opting for CryptoGames is that it unlocks the possibility of accessing provably fair games. The platform has enabled ways players can verify that its betting system is tamperproof.

There are no wagering requirements

Since CryptoGames does not offer the conventional bonus system, it has no reason to impose wagering requirements on users. In other words, you do not need to scale wagering requirements before you can withdraw your winnings.

CryptoGames is a social-themed casino

The casino promotes community involvement by providing a chat window where players can communicate with other players. Interestingly, the team has come up with a way of rewarding users that actively use this tool.

The cons of CryptoGames

It offers only a handful of games

There are only 9 games available on the website. As such, CryptoGames is not an ideal option for individuals looking to explore a wide array of casino games on a single site.

There are no welcome bonuses

New players do not receive bonuses after they make their first deposits on CryptoGames. Understandably, this may be a dealbreaker, especially for those used to casinos with robust and conventional bonus systems.

Pros & Cons
  • CryptoGames is easy to navigate
  • It supports a wide range of coins
  • The featured games are provably fair
  • There are no wagering requirements
  • CryptoGames is a social-themed casino
  • It offers only a handful of games