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Membrana Review



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Membrana is a platform completing an ICO to fund the development of a decentralized platform targeted towards traders and investors. Participators in the platform can fund traders they believe can provide them with a return. Some of the innovations of the platform include the funds never leaving the participators wallet. Traders access the funds through an API key and agreements between participants (those providing funds) and traders are governed through smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. In the smart contract, factors such as maximum loss will be specified so that the agreement will come to a conclusion when a certain amount of funds are lost. The project has already formed significant partnerships and received funding from venture funds.

The native token of the project is also called Membrana. This token governs the creation of smart contracts on the platform and will be the token used for the payment of traders fees. 40% of the tokens are available for presale while the rest is split among areas such as the team, private sale, and advisors and partners. The project has received high reviews from a number of ICO rating organizations.

Pros & Cons
  • Built on the Ethereum blockchain which is the most reputable decentralized smart contract platform so far
  • The project has already formed significant partnerships and received venture funding
  • The project proposes an interesting concept of facilitating participants in the platform to fund traders with the process being governed by smart contracts.
  • Only 40% of the tokens are available for presale while a high number is allocated for team and partnerships!