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Token Economy Review
Token Economy
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Token Economy is a platform that doesn’t only talk about cryptocurrency news but blockchains, Initial Coin Offerings, DApps or anything that has to do with token growth in the economy. All stories or posts on the site are numbered and are arranged in a descending order. Asides displaying stories in words and figures, they show also show videos and other interesting designs.

Token Economy seems to be in a partnership with Medium which is another platform where users can get further information. However, to join medium, you would have to click on “Get Started” on the homepage of Token Economy. You are then redirected to a page where you are asked to either log in or sign up with Medium. There are two ways to sign up on Medium; it is either you sign up with Google or sign up with Facebook. At the last part of the page, they tell you briefly what Medium does; Medium connects user’s data with their service providers once a guest signs up. There are terms and conditions that apply for these services.

Also, Token Economy offers Newsletter services and can be boldly seen on the homepage. You can also make your complaints regarding Newsletter issues and share your thoughts as well. To be updated on the site, you will have to tap on the “Follow” option on the homepage and you get started.

Pros & Cons
  • Posts and stories are numbered for simplicity.
  • Accepts Newsletter issues.
  • Site looks complex and uneasy.
  • Site lacks basic requirements for a news site.