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Bitrss Review
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BitRss is a platform that brings your number one news about cryptocurrencies. It covers the latest stories all around the world and publishes it on the site. All stories have been categorized into different sections and to aid easiness in reading, recent posts are often viewed first. The categories are also the features of BitRss and they include; Crypto World News, International News, Bitcoin Technology, Cryptocurrency and Laws, Blogs and More. However, you can search for news using keywords or tags on the platform.

Aside updating site with latest posts for reader’s, BitRss welcomes comments, reviews and also allows guests or subscribers to drop stories pertaining to cryptocurrencies on the site. This strategy is to enhance audience growth and participation. With this ability to drop posts, BitRss gets satisfied that their site is being followed and offers certain benefits through programs or events to subscribers.

One more interesting thing about BitRss is that it provides information through 2 means to the audience; Links and Utility.

1. Links: In this section, there are links to which you can get information on your social media platforms or platforms in which majority of crypto users make use of. BitRss gives you a direct link to their Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr because information is quickly disseminated there than the site itself.

2. Utility: Here, you can learn many things such as what Bitcoin and Blockchain technology is about and several activities that would take place or takes place in the crypto world.

Pros & Cons
  • All posts have been arranged under 5 sections.
  • Site looks clustered.