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Clark Moody Bitcoin Review
Clark Moody Bitcoin
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Clark Moody Bitcoin is a website containing Bitcoin tools and data that was originally launched in 2011. The website was launched by Clark Moody who also co-founded Picks & Shovel, and the connected Interchange. On the top of the homepage are links which redirect you to a Street Price Index and price tickers. The Street Price Index is the rate for Bitcoin based on peer-to-peer trading activity and is listed in a number of different exchange rates which includes the major fiat currencies. The values on the index are updated every 15 minutes.

The price tickers link provides a chart which displays the different Bitcoin markets but quoted in USD. For example, Bitcoin versus Mexican Peso listed on a certain exchange will be graphically displayed by its USD price. All of the markets are superimposed on one another. This can be useful arbitrage tools as it enables traders who can deal in multiple currencies to quickly identify discrepancies in price.

The site also publishes blog posts and users can subscribe via their email to stay updated with content. The site is free to use but there is a donation page for users who wish to contribute. There is also a Trezor affiliate link.

Pros & Cons
  • Established since 2011
  • Clark Moody is well-established in the cryptocurrency industry and has co-founded a number of other projects
  • Two main useful tools
  • Price tickers may assist traders in identifying arbitrage opportunities
  • Free to use
  • Users can subscribe
  • A limited amount of tools
  • Clark Moody is not focusing on this site currently given the other projects he has co-founded