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Altpocket Review
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AltPocket is a social tracker because it works hand-in-hand with a crypto community in order to perform its services effectively. All your cryptocurrencies can be tracked either using Email, Google or even Coinbase. It allows you to monitor all your investments as well as discuss crypto-related topic or issues in the community. Top traders are usually registered on AltPocket.

The main purpose why AltPocket was created was to keep all cryptocurrency traders under a single platform so they can share ideas and discuss crypto; hence, making trade easier for everyone. The platform was also designed to ensure a mix between top advanced traders and newbie, as well as generalizing cryptocurrencies and decentralization.

If you want to try Altpocket out now, you can get started immediately. There are plans to launch a mobile application that will aid convenience of traders, but for now, the web is the available option.

AltPocket has said is one of the easiest site to use and in order to enjoy everything it has to offer, you have to do the following as part of the features of AltPocket;

1. Stay Updated: In order to monitor and manage your digital assets successfully, you have to stay updated so you could be given tools to aid that. In the process, portfolio sharing is allowed.

2. Join a community: AltPocket has a trader’s community with social features where you can discuss and help people with portfolios.

3. ICO: Initial Coin Offerings are one thing you should look out for on AltPocket, the latest and trending ICOs are listed; therefore, making communication easy for you and their creators.

Pros & Cons
  • All digital assets are closely monitored.
  • All crypto traders are under a single platform.
  • Crypto trader’s growth is inevitable.