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coinmap.org Review
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Coinmap version 2.0 is based on a google maps style platform focused on providing location of venues utilizing blockchain technology. The website is very unique in that users can easily add and edit venues, allowing business owners who are implementing blockchain tech to add their business to the map.

Coinmap provides two dynamic views of the map.

Map View: Offering detailed area-specific overviews of businesses and venues that are using blockchain technology.

World View: Basically, a heat map of blockchain adoption. This view also offers a timeline at the bottom to allow a user to watch the expansion of blockchain adoptability.

There are other tools available as well including a unified search section for businesses you are already aware of and also a feedback system giving users the change to review venues.

Pros & Cons
  • Easy to use and incredibly streamlined interface.
  • Very specific on its role.
  • It kind of seems like a one-time visit type of website. Something you would find interesting but not really something you would use to keep updated on a long-term basis.
  • The timeline at the bottom took me a second to realize its purpose. It’s not very clearly labeled or defined.