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Clean Water Coin Review

Clean Water Coin


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Clean Water Coin is a charity organization whose aim is to save billions of people all around the world. They don’t believe in independent donation by a single organization; together they can accomplish many. Clean Water Coin wants to get to that point where they will be known all around the world, spreading across countries and continents.

Clean Water Coin doesn’t hold back any donation made; all donations are sent out to different platforms, organizations or individuals that seriously need them. Unlike majority of platforms that are interested in empowering or donating to organizations, they donate to individuals and their families here.

The name came as a result of the basic necessities of man. Water is an essential element for living and without water many people won’t be alive; hence, the name of the platform solving problems of life.

Features of Clean Water Coin

1. Ad Space: There is something called a CWC Wallet where digital funds are kept. Also, an advertisement section has been created on the platform for users to display their services. With the aid of the digital funds in your CWC wallet, you can buy an ad space comfortably.

2. BTC to Water: On the platform, you can exchange Bitcoin to Water which can be used to make donations easily.

3. Partnerships: They partner with several business platforms to save billions of people all around the world.

Pros & Cons
  • Provides help for a lot of people.
  • Advertisement section for business growth.