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CryptoCurrency Security Standard Review

CryptoCurrency Security Standard


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Cryptocurrency Security Standard also called CCSS is a content under Bitcoin.com which is a news site that talks generally about cryptocurrencies. CCSS as the name implies means there are certain requirements needed for every site making use of cryptocurrencies for its operation. All these sites must meet these standards before being considered safe for transaction, operation and other activities. Any site that doesn’t meet all these requirements or standards is automatically disqualified and considered a threat.

CCSS has been designed in such a way that it pairs with Information Security Standards i.e. ISO in which it guides on security details with regard to several cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. However, it pairs and not replace these Information Security Standards (very important to know).

In an Overview, CCSS was said to have a coverage of 10 security sections of an Information System which provides a safe platform for transactions, policies and other procedures for work. However, these 10 sections are sub-classified into 2 domains i.e. Levels and Repository.

Under the Levels domain, there are 3 levels in which security increases;

- Level I: This is the lowest but a strong level of security in CCSS in which digital assets are protected.

- Level II: This level exceeds the strong level of security in CCSS and has other features like enhanced controls.

- Level II: This is the highest and it exceeds enhanced level of security in CCSS.

Pros & Cons
  • Explains different levels of security.
  • CCSS pairs with ISO, not replacing it.