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Bitkee Review

Bitkee is a very interesting idea created to safeguard your investment in cryptocurrencies with a customizable laser engraved physical “paper” wallet.

Bitkee allows customization of the material, style, content, and is ensured to be durable and dependable. You can order these keys in the form of a credit card, keychain, and even dot tags!

The cards are created with durability in mind. If you’re involved deeply with cryptocurrency discussion, you’ve probably heard of paper wallets being lost and destroyed due to water, fire, and other types of damage. Bitkee is trying to solve this problem by offering metal engraved wallets that will stand the test of time.

Bitkee Hey Features

A few key features of Bitkee:

Three types of metal

Grade 2, ASTM B265 Rockwell B 65, 40k psi Titanium

Type 304, ASTM A240, Rockwell B 80 30k psi Stainless steel

6061-T6, ASTM B221 Rockwell B 55 35k psi anodized aluminum

Scannable QR codes that are laser engraved on your Bitkee.

Encrypted private key generation methods used to ensure maximum security.

High melting points including 1650C on Titanium, 1100C on stainless steel, and 650C on anodized aluminum.

Corrosion resistance across all three metal options. Of course, titanium is the best!

All of their packaging includes wax sealed casing.

Bitkee website is super easy to use and includes the creation of keys for 12 keys thus far (9/3/2018).

You can use a key you already have access to or Bitkee can generate one for you.

Pricing starts at $40 for the card, $20 for the keychain, and $25 for the dogtags.

Yes, you can purchase via Bitcoin!

Bitkee was shut down in 2020!

Pros & Cons
  • Bitkee offers a really neat alternative to traditional paper key solutions.
  • Ensures your paper keys are durable and will still be usable after sustaining fire, water, and physical damage
  • No cons. This project is great, the website is easy to use, and the products consistently receive good reviews.