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BTC Fees is a platform where you can check for the legitimacy of the transaction fees for your transaction. It is simply called a Bitcoin Congestion Manager and it has a simple, short info. The design is good, not too great but doesn’t limit the kind of information it possesses.

BTC Fees shows an advanced mode of all algorithms used to calculate a transaction fee. It records the last block in minutes and shows the time in which the table on the site was last updated. Most time, the table is updated in seconds.

On the table, information is displayed as;

1. Block: Block is the time in minutes or seconds. It is when the transaction was confirmed and recorded in the table.

2. MvB: This is in 1 decimal place and represents the Mempool position.

3. Fee Rate: This is the transaction fee rate in Satoshi or Byte.

4. Non-Segwit: This is presented either as Satoshi or USD.

5. Segwit: This is also presented as either Satoshi or USD.

All this information in the table presents the recommended fees by BTC Fees and it is important to make sure the transactions that are being broadcast are only RBF. These transactions must have a waiting time of above 30 minutes i.e. 3 blocks.

Pros & Cons
  • Updates info in real-time i.e. few seconds.
  • Table is easy to be understood by pro miners.
  • Relays important information to users.
  • Not suitable for beginners.
  • Site is too advanced and looks complex.