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If you want a site to show you simply a Bitcoin fee rate by the hour, then you are not mistaken by Whatthefee.io. This site is different from most other sites because it is based on algorithms and all data are in real-time value. So, if you have made a transaction in Bitcoin at a certain percentage, just go on to the site and check for the charge.

Most sites use calculators or a different whole level to calculate the fees charged for every transaction with Bitcoin. Quite a number of them end up being inaccurate or wrong; however, it is impossible to tell for the Bitcoin fee rates on this site because there are no mechanisms to detect of they are true or wrong but since it is regarded as one of the top-rated, then we could technically say it produces an “almost-accurate” data or information.

The site is simple and all info have been arranged into rows and columns. All figures within these rows and columns are subjected to change with regard to time and percentage. For the row, you have the time in hours from 0.5 hour to 24 hours (only at some instance were the intervals of 0.5 hrs. but the rest were 1 hr.) and for the column, you have the percentages from 5 % to 95 % (with 15 % or 30 % intervals). All figures in the row and column are in 1 decimal place.

Pros & Cons
  • Simple and easy to understand.
  • Poor design and no details about the site.
  • Not suitable for beginners