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Altcoins Racing Review
Altcoins Racing
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Altcoins Racing is a cryptocurrency website whose home page does not have an info description on what the website has to offer. However, on the bottom of the page is a link which gives a detailed description about the services of Altcoins.

To start with, it informs visitors to the site that, Altcoins racing is a crypto-currency price monitor which enables them to watch the best gainers and lost losers at any time of the day and week. Below this description, is a contact address and acknowledgement to those who contributed to the creation of the website.

Below this, are some barcodes which are meant for donating to Altcoins racing which would enable them develop the free service being offered.


1. The home page of Altcoin Racing, shows an animated picture of a car and an inscription below which reads “Altcoins Racing”

2. The categories for filtering Altcoins are not much

3. At the bottom of the home page, is a link which leads to “Readme” which is an overall description of Altcoins review

Pros & Cons
  • Going through “Readme” shows a good-looking detailed description about Altcoins Racing
  • The home page is not in an organized state, and this is bound to make users to lose interest once they visit the site
  • Also, the home page is not really attractive
  • At a first look, the info on the home page looks quite difficult to comprehend
  • The ranking of Altcoins which is displayed on the home page is not well explained
  • The filtering of Altcoins for ranking has only few details, and this is quite unhelpful compared to other crypto-currency ranking sites