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BitGo Offline Recovery Tool Review

BitGo Offline Recovery Tool


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BitGo recovery tool is an open-source project which assists users in recovering Bitcoin from a BitGo wallet regardless of the status of BitGo. BitGo is a wallet and service provider that aims to provide the best solutions in the business of custodianship and storage solutions for cryptocurrency users. BitGo has been established in 2014. The wallet supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and has a strong emphasis on security. Users give up control of their private key but the data is encrypted by BitGo.

The BitGo recovery tool project is on GitHub. It is fairly inactive relative to many cryptocurrency open-source projects which shows a small demand for it. The project has just eight contributors and thirteen forks. The tool does not depend on the BitGo API. It uses an external API that retrieves blockchain data from the Blockr website. The tool is hosted on a website page hosted by GitHub. To use the tool, users require a node and npm, BitGo keycard that would have been given the user upon wallet creation, and their BitGo wallet password. The key value to the tool is that users can recover their wallet independent of BitGo.

Pros & Cons
  • An open-source project which enables users to recover their BitGo wallet independent of BitGo
  • Not dependent on the BitGo API
  • Tool hosted on a GitHub page
  • Inactive GitHub page
  • Niche use case that is not relevant to most in cryptocurrencies