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Coindesk Construct Review

Coindesk Construct


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On the home page of Coindesk’s Construct segment, the graphics design for the event is the first thing anyone would see, and it reads: construct 2017. The dates and location of the event are also clearly visible to readers of the page. The event was divided into various categories which would make it easier for readers and subscribers to follow. The categories run all through from ‘About’ to the ‘Videos’.

Clicking on the videos category, would take you to another page containing various uploaded video clips which are quite many, and they are arranged vertically. The first video has the first speaker opening CONSTRUCT 2017, subscribers can easily see that from the video title as well.


1. The site has a list of all the recorded videos of CONSTRUCT 2017

2. Once a particular video is launched and it starts playing, the first thing you would see is Coindesk

3. The videos are quite short clips which would interest subscribers to watch, and would certainly not bore them

4. The audio of each video is very clear, the same applies to each video on the site

5. The video title gives the subscriber a brief detail about the content of the video

6. A good look at the video titles indicates that the speakers have a good knowledge about the crypto-currency world

Pros & Cons
  • The videos contain all what happened at CONSTRUCT 2017, so those who missed it can still have access to it
  • The video title is not catchy enough to attract subscribers to watch
  • There is no direct download link for all videos