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Cryptoknights Review
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CryptoKnights is a cryptocurrency podcast created by Kanth Miriyala in 2017. The podcast was created to help individuals understand cryptocurrencies and assist them in venturing into the cryptocurrency industry, whether it be investing or something more. The podcast currently has around 180 episodes. The podcast addresses a wide variety of topics in the cryptocurrency industry including blockchain technology, altcoins, and ICO's. The podcast has interviewed founders of upcoming projects and industry professionals. Some episodes are dedicated to explaining certain concepts. One of the most recent episodes was dedicated to explaining a Lite Paper. Miriyala has now been working in blockchain and ICO consulting since September 2017. There could be a possibility of a conflict of interest between the consulting services and the podcast, with some consulting clients potentially wanting to appear on the podcast as part of the publicity.

The podcast also has a Medium blog which it publishes regular content on to, including summaries of the audio podcasts.

The podcast has a really small following on Twitter, with 250 followers. The Twitter for the podcast is very inactive with just over 300 tweets. CryptoKnights has a five-star rating on iTunes from 40 reviews of listeners. Listeners have noted that Miriyala is skilled at simplifying complex cryptocurrency concepts.

Pros & Cons
  • Five-star review on iTunes from listeners
  • Also has a Medium blog
  • Miriyala is skilled at simplifying complex concepts
  • Small social media following
  • There may be a conflict of interest between the podcast and consulting services