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Noded Bitcoin Podcast


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Noded is a cryptocurrency podcast hosted by Michael Goldstein and Pierre Rochard. Goldstein and Rochard are both huge advocates for Bitcoin and have little belief in other cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications. Their podcasts reflect this and are mostly oriented around developments and discussion in Bitcoin. The podcasts can often be very technical and not easily understandable by a listener without an advanced knowledge. The podcast has been releasing episodes since 2017 and has had some esteemed guests on the show. Past guests include Jimmy Song, Tone Vays, and Jameson Lopp. With the host's strong belief in Bitcoin, there is limited discussion about altcoins and ICO's. Listeners who are looking to learn about these areas of the cryptocurrency industry will be limited with this podcast as the hosts are heavily against projects outside of Bitcoin.

Goldstein and Rochard have also founded the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute which helps visitors understand the concepts proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto in his Bitcoin whitepaper and online discussions.

The Twitter page for the podcast has over 6,000 followers. Goldstein’s personal Twitter page has over 24,000 followers and Rochard’s personal Twitter has over 38,000. The podcast has a five-star rating on iTunes from over 50 reviews of listeners.

Pros & Cons
  • Technical and detailed discussion regarding Bitcoin
  • Esteemed guests
  • Five-star review on iTunes
  • Discussion may be too advance for a lot of listeners
  • Users who want to learn about the wider cryptocurrency industry including altcoins and ICO’s will find limited value in this podcast
  • Hosts have a strong bias towards Bitcoin