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The Bitcoin Knowledge


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The Bitcoin Knowledge podcast is a cryptocurrency podcast hosted by Trace Mayer. The podcast has had esteemed guests such as Andrea Antonopoulos, Max Keiser, and Michael Goldstein. Mayer was an early Bitcoin advocate and first entered the industry when Bitcoin was valued at $0.25 in 2011. The aim of the podcast is to help individuals better understand Bitcoin by providing interviews with the top people in the Bitcoin industry. The podcast has been publishing content since 2009 and prior to discussing Bitcoin, the podcast discussed Gold and economic concepts. The podcast has over 200 episodes. The podcast has a five-star rating on iTunes from over 150 ratings. The podcast has interviewed individuals from many different backgrounds in the industry including founders of different products such as the founder of the Bread wallet.

Mayer’s professional background provides Mayer with a deep level of knowledge to both understand and delve into some of the complicated concepts surrounding cryptocurrency. However, there may be some bias given Mayer’s background. Mayer has studied Austrian economics with a focus on Ludwig von Mises and Murray Rothbard.

The Bitcoin Knowledge Twitter page is inactive and is not regularly updated with new content. It has around 1,300 followers which are significantly less than some competitors. Mayer's own Twitter page is much more active and has close to 50,000 followers.

Pros & Cons
  • Podcast has been publishing content since 2009
  • Large following on Mayer’s personal Twitter page
  • Esteemed guests have been interviewed
  • Mayer has a deep knowledge of the industry
  • A five-star review from listeners
  • Mayer may have some bias towards certain viewpoints
  • Twitter page for the podcast is inactive