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Bad Crypto Podcast Review
Bad Crypto Podcast
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The Bad Cryptocurrency podcast is a podcast hosted by Joel Comm and Travis Wright. The podcast has over 180 episodes. Both of the hosts are authors and are largely involved in the technology industry. The podcast is aimed at beginners in the cryptocurrency industry. The hosts aim to simplify much of the jargon and technology concepts related to the cryptocurrency industry for the listener. This makes it less suitable for the more advanced user who has a greater understanding of the technology. The podcast has some big names in the cryptocurrency industry on the podcast such as Jimmy Song. The podcast also releases a regular newsletter and publish blog posts.

There are a large social media following for the podcast with the Twitter page having over 11,000 followers. Wright has over 200,000 followers on his personal Twitter page and Joel has over 800,000 followers. The podcast currently does not have enough reviews on iTunes to show a review. The podcast has a five-star rating on Stitcher with 39 reviews. The podcast has been noted to be great for beginners to get started with the hosts being both informative and entertaining.

Pros & Cons
  • Over 180 episodes
  • Hosts are well-known in the technology industry with large followings
  • Five-star rating on Stitcher
  • Focuses on simplifying concepts for beginners
  • Gets well-known professionals in the cryptocurrency industry on the podcast
  • Not as suitable for those that are more familiar with the technology concepts
  • Not enough ratings on iTunes to receive a score