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by Nate Urbas

Cryptocurrency Trader,

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Expected content:

This channel is really at the mercy of its creators’ whims. They will post pretty much anything crypto related and simply add their opinions to it. Also, you’ll find a lot of reposted videos with commentary from other sources, usually news releases or speeches.

This channel is more so for crypto entertainment purposes. I wouldn’t describe it as educational, even though they claim it to be so.

You can also find a little PC gaming tid bits and live streams, so watch out for that if you’re an avid gamer and need a break from all the crypto drama.

Why you should follow:

This is really just another crypto channel that I would wake up to and enjoy my coffee with. I wouldn’t take anything I find here to heart or seriously try to implement anything I learn here. It’s really more of just an entertaining way to stay up to date with what’s going on in the crypto space. These guys are not experts and they are not professionals. They are kind of funny at times though.

Most viewed video:

Segwit2x: The real BTC Takeover? 377k+ views.


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Added features:

This channel also follows the personal accounts if its creators and offers some insight to their lives. Some of it can be a bit entertaining.

Pros & Cons
  • It’s an alright place to go for general crypto related entertainment
  • By all means, this is not a crypto education platform. They kind of throw some interesting information out every so often but truthfully, don’t expect to become a crypto expert by only consuming the content found here.