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The Bitcoin Phenomenon Review

The Bitcoin Phenomenon


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This is 35 minutes 25 seconds’ YouTube video that explicitly talks and gives information about Bitcoin. The documentary is brought to you by SQ1.tv and published on April 12, 2014 with over 800 subscribers and over 200K views. The video can be saved, shared or downloaded to watch or invite others to watch and learn about Bitcoin.

The documentary mentions different aspects of Bitcoin such as its history, the ideologies behind it and the conflicts that ensued with it as a result of the early-adopters and entrepreneurs whose aim is to push Bitcoin way forward to the mainstream.

Also, the documentary had a compilation of interviews with different crypto experts, enthusiasts and even leaders in the Bitcoin community. Some of these leaders are; Jeremy Liew who is a venture capitalist, Gavin Andresen who was a lead developer, Erik Voorhes who is a renowned libertarian in the movement, as well as Fred Ehrsam who is the founder of Coinbase (one of the biggest crypto exchange platforms) and Peter Vessenes who is the head of Bitcoin Foundation (an exchange platform with top priority for the community).

All these individuals above have been interviewed so perceptions of Bitcoin by different people could be brought together under one documentary. This is a lot of research if it were into books but they are preferable as videos or documentaries rather than books.

Pros & Cons
  • Interesting to watch.
  • An opportunity to know many Global crypto leaders.
  • Talks extensively about the history and ideologies of Bitcoin.