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Bitcoin in Uganda - Empowering People Review

Bitcoin in Uganda - Empowering People


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This is a 5 minutes 36 seconds’ YouTube video that specifically talks about Uganda and the way a digital currency like Bitcoin is spent there. Uganda is one of the fewest countries in Africa using Bitcoin as a mode of exchange and payment.

The story opens to Ronald who is from Kampala in Uganda whose education is a priority and he receives Bitcoin from his parents in the U.S. to settle payments for his education. The video was published by BitcoinFilm.org on May 16, 2014. It is under the News and Politics category and licensed by Creative Commons Attribution license and there are source videos also available.

However, the main purpose of this video is to show through Ronald’s life, how he has been able to utilize his Bitcoin and ways in which people can be empowered with it i.e. show them how to use Bitcoin effectively.

Generally, Bitcoin is said to be the future of everything including money in the world, and to ensure that dream becomes a reality, it is important to empower people and show them several ways in which Bitcoin has changed and will change their lives. Uganda is just a starting point in introducing Bitcoin, other places can follow till everyone comes into the knowledge of Bitcoin.

Features of Bitcoin in Uganda.

1. Interview: The story shows us into the life of Ronald whose parents are in America and he gets his payments in BTC. He shows us how he makes payment easily without having to worry about currency barrier.

Pros & Cons
  • Short and expository.