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Life Inside a Secret Chinese Bitcoin Mine Review

Life Inside a Secret Chinese Bitcoin Mine


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A 9 minutes 16 seconds’ YouTube video that exposes the secret of most Chinese miners. The video was published by Motherboard on February 6, 2015 with over a million subscriber and over 4 million views. You can either share or download or save the video on your mobile device for family and friends to view also.

In the video, it was explained that Motherboard had an entry into a large but secret Bitcoin mine in Rural Northeast China. The mine was designed secretly and is located within a repurposed factory in the Liaoning Province.

One thing about the mine is that the infrastructure put in place allows the full functioning of Bitcoin’s decentralized network. Through this, there is a huge profit for its operators than most operators in a normal mine will earn.

However, it was reported that, that was only 1 of sites out of the 6 sites owned by a secretive group consisting of 4 individuals coming together as a group. According to what Motherboard was told as of the visit, one mine makes 4,050 BTC in a month which was almost equivalent to $1.5 million then, now calculate in present date and see how one site out of 4 is making enough to feed a whole country.

Features of Life Inside Bitcoin Mine

1. Interviews: Few individuals who knew about the mine were interviewed and each of them spoke about Bitcoin and the progress so far.

2. More Videos: There are several other videos by Motherboard listed in links on the site.

Pros & Cons
  • Opens up one of the biggest secrets and tips of mining.
  • Subtitle is enabled.