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Bitcoins in Argentina Review

Bitcoins in Argentina


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Bitcoins in Argentina is a documentary on YouTube with over 70,000 views and over a thousand subscribers. The video was published on YouTube on April 18, 2013 and the information it possesses is all about Bitcoin and Argentina.

So many documentaries and videos have talked about Bitcoin in several other countries and this is one of the first that will talk about Argentina explicitly. Bitcoin is a digital currency which is accepted almost everywhere in the world, it is considered the future of everything; if this so, it is important to conduct research at strategic places in the world where they are well-spent.

Also, the video is under News and Politics in BitcoinFilm.org where information about Uganda and Argentina is displayed. The site allows you to make donations in order to produce more videos that will help the crypto community. No wonder, it is regarded as one of the best platforms to watch crypto videos.

Back to the 8 minutes 25 seconds’ video on YouTube, the video opens us to the situation in Argentina i.e. High inflation and strict monetary restrictions raging across Argentina with Bitcoin which seems like the best alternative taking over currencies globally.

In the video, several people in the market were met either to trade in Bitcoin for Argentina Peso or discuss how this inflation could be overcome.

Features of Bitcoins in Argentina.

1. Reviews: A lot of reviews were made between Argentina Peso and currencies generally with Bitcoin in the video.

2. Interview: Different people from different walks of life were interviewed.

Pros & Cons
  • Short and concise
  • Important details about inflation and Argentina Peso.
  • Subtitle is enabled.