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Bitkoin Review



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Bitkoin is a neat little website that is short, sweet and to the point. There aren’t a whole lot of features on here, but it is a cool little toy to fiddle with.

Basically, this site is basic. I know, in depth explanation, right? Lets just get to the insanely long and complicated list of features, shall we?


- Bitcoin to Fiat converter

- Live Bitcoin price ticker

Yup. That’s it. That is literally the only thing this site does.

There are a few sub features like changing the color of the border around the ticket and/or calculator. You can also choose between most fiat currencies to base the calculation off of.

Aside from that, this is nothing but a cute little bitcoin tool to let sit on your desktop as a background.

And yes, you can obtain all of this mind-blowing functionality with the very low price of $0.

Pros & Cons
  • So easy to use a caveman could it, so long as he can operate a mouse and maybe someone typed in the URL for him.
  • SO MANY COLORS!!!! No, really. You can customize the colors of the text and borders with a custom color pallet.
  • I can’t think of any substantial cons to such a simple and intuitive tool, so I guess that’s a pro.
  • No cons. It does what it is supposed to do exceptionally well.