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r/BitcoinMining Review
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There is nothing more exciting than meeting people that do what you do. Imagine meeting a friend that your thinking is alike, there would be so many things to talk about.

This is a community that deals specifically with bitcoin mining. This community helps bring bitcoin miners all over the globe together in which you can post anything relating to bitcoin mining and members of the community can comment on the subject posted contributing in whatsoever they can.

This community helps brings miners closer to each other where there is opportunity to invite people to discuss on top issues in the field and find solutions to them. You also have the chance to share these posts with people you think might benefit from it.

This community has about over 32,000 members. You can also subscribe and get notifications on important information on your mail. They have strict rules on how you can comment on this community, no verbal abuses, no ‘for sale’ posts, no posting of referral links, no advertising or any form of promotion of any type of coins and so on.

They also provide series of Frequently asked questions that might be of help to new members on any questions they might be having. Any form of abuse of instruction can lead to ban.

Pros & Cons
  • It helps bring people of like-minds together which can help solve top issues.
  • You get to impact someone or get impacted.
  • It deals with only bitcoin and blockchain mining.
  • Easily accessible.
  • There is no room for trading.
  • Only bitcoin mining is discussed on this site.