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Weusecoins- Mining Guide Review

Weusecoins- Mining Guide


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Starting something on your own, maybe a career in any subject or interest demands a lot of learning. One cannot just start a career without passing through series and series of vigorous learning even till when you start the career, learning still continues as there are always new things coming up into the limelight that you need to get updated on so that one keep in line with the world.

Bitcoin Mining is what the Crypto population are indulging in now and there's a need for a guide for someone who intends to learn. This site was created in order to teach and instruct to Crypto population about bitcoin mining, what it is, its essence, benefits, how it works, tools to use, the kind of technology it uses and so on.

This site helps provide meaningful information about how to mine Bitcoin by also making use of illustrations and pictures, charts and also videos. It also warns about the difficulties you can face when mining bitcoin. This site mainly talks about mining of bitcoin.

It also provides information on the kind of tools one can use for mining and links to where you can purchase them. It also gives other people apart from English, the opportunity to also learn in French, Spanish and so on.

Pros & Cons
  • Well-detailed and well explained with pictures and illustrations.
  • You can also access to other information such as news or other articles on the site.
  • Series of FAQs are provided to ensure easy navigation of the site.
  • It's easily accessible.
  • It can be viewed or read in more than one language.
  • It has no comment session or link.
  • It doesn't teach how to mine; it just gives meaningful data on how to.