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This is a platform where one can learn a lot about Bitcoin mining, what it is, how it started and how it works. Crypto minded people and those people eager to learn one or two things in Crypto would find this particular site useful. This site specifically talks about bitcoin mining by starting with the basic information and things that someone learning about mining must know beforehand.

This site also made available various tools that are needed to mine Bitcoin with their capacity and efficiency such as Antminer S7, Antminer S9, Avalon 6 and so on together with links where you can purchase them on Amazon.

On the site, you would get to know what Bitcoin mining is and the kind of bitcoin mining you can get involved in. It also tried to explain the difficulties involved or encountered while mining bitcoin. Some of these include Computationally-Difficult Problem, block reward and so on.

This site also makes available picture illustrations and videos just to foster better understanding of the subject.

This site can be viewed in other languages other than English; it can be read in French, Spanish, Portuguese and so on giving room for a large diversity of people who can learn from this site.

Pros & Cons
  • Series of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are made available to make understanding easy.
  • It provides well-detailed information on Bitcoin mining including where the necessary tools can be purchased.
  • Easily accessible by using a mobile device.
  • Other useful information or articles about Cryptocurrency apart from this are also made available for viewers to indulge.
  • There is no feedback mechanism whereby one can post comments, ask questions about the post or even file a complaint.