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Bixin Pool (haopool) Review
Bixin Pool (haopool)
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Haopool, or perhaps otherwise known as Bixin Pool is a mining pool platform created by mining fanatics for mining fanatics. They wish to give miners the best overall user experience by implementing a great level of transparency, fairness, and efficiency.

Bixin does give users access to an App, but the website does a very poor job of giving any details on what this app is capable of doing. After tracking down the apps home, we find that it is available on both Android and IOS but again, little information is provided. Going even further (downloading the app) we find that it’s not really a mining related app at all and is some sort of crypto/exchange/social media/messenger type app. This was a bit disheartening and frustrating. If you’re strictly here for mining pool info, I’m sorry to have wasted your time, however, now you know what the app is actually about and hopefully that’s remuneration enough for your time!

Getting on with actual mining information, their website claims to have mined 4,087 total blocks and has a pool hash rate of 1.2EH/s.

Oh finally a use for the app we were talking about earlier! You will receive your earnings daily via in app transactions. Fantastic. They claim they will not send rewards to an external wallet, so I guess you’re stuck with an all in one social media, messaging, mobile wallet. Good luck with that!

In conclusion, the website is terrible, but the services seem great and Haopool seems to be very trusted by the community.

Pros & Cons
  • services seem great and Haopool seems to be very trusted by the community
  • Website is terrible