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BX is a Thailand based cryptocurrency exchange platform which is involved with trading and buying or selling of bitcoins. There are different order types to be created on BX as well. However, the most common order type created is from Thai Baht to Bitcoin.

Also, there are trading charts on BX. The trading charts are divided into 2; Depth chart and Price chart. Other options are for cryptocurrency markets and information about these coins. BX takes into details every consequential thing about every coin acceptable on the website.

On BX site, there are 3 sections on trade;

1. Recent trades section where the time the transaction took place, rate and volume in BTC is recorded.

2. Buy orders section where the volume in THB and volume in BTC is recorded along with their exchange rates.

3. Sell orders section where the volume in THB and volume in BTC is recorded along with their exchange rates.

Features of BX

1. Transparent and secure: Funds or digital asset on BX are safe and secure. All transactions are also transparent; hence, they are reliable.

2. Trading fees: There are 3 types of fees on BX; Trading, Deposit and Withdrawal fees. A standard fee of 0.25 % is charged for trade, most deposits are free while there are different withdrawal fees for each coin.

3. API tech: There are both private and public API functions on BX, each of them having their own purposes.

Pros & Cons
  • Easily divides withdrawal fees to their sections.
  • Platform is transparent secure.
  • First visit to the site could be quite inconvenient for English-speaking countries because language is in Thai.