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It would appear this is where the Canadians come to converse about cryptocurrencies when they aren’t playing hockey, munching on their savory bacon, or preoccupied smoking the devils lettuce.

Unfortunately, the good ol’ Canucks were not attentive enough to keep this forum afloat for long. You’ll find that most forum topic sections haven’t been posted inside of for months and almost all recent questions have gone completely unanswered. Hopefully, when Bitcoin decides to reawaken our Canadian friends here can set down their hockey sticks and breath life into this forum.

Aside from being built by Canadians for Canadians, there isn’t much that actually sets this forum apart from other crypto forums. When you think about it, Canadians generally speak English and this forum is based in English so… what exactly is keeping them from simply using other forums that are worldwide English based? If you guessed nothing, you’re probably right.

Topics that don’t really matter because no one is posting in them anyways:

General Bitcoin discussion

Bitcoin 101

Bitcoin News

Bitcoin Canada Meetups (hey, we found a reason for Canadians to use this forum!)

Buying/selling Bitcoins

Business and Bitcoin

Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Games

Bitcoin Projects


Bitcoin en Francais

Off topic café


Pros & Cons
  • Any pro’s I could possibly list here are really irrelevant since the forum seems nearly dead.
  • Although Canadians are known for their charm and niceness, there is definitely some hostility here, as with all public forums.
  • I say this on every review and I will say it here. There are shillers, scammers, paid marketers, etc out to steal your beeeetcooinz and they have infiltrated all crypto forums. Be careful.