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bitalk Review
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Bitalk.org is actually bitalk.ru and everything is Russian. Using Google Translate, I have managed to access the information on the site in English and read through a few of the posts. This forum is very engaging and active with over 10k users registered and 700 people online when I visited. After the language difference though, this forum seems to be very similar to any other cryptocurrency related forums. It seems like a great place to converse if you speak Russian, but other then that, there’s really no specific function or reason to visit here over the many other options available to you.

Topics include:

Bitcoin News

Cryptocurrencies articles and reviews

Fork of Bitcoin (which I think they are just lumping all alt coins into)

Purses for cryptocurrency

Blocking and cryptology


Most important (Not sure what goes on here honestly)

Actions, contests, assignments

Cranes and distribution (I think they mean Faucets)

Betting, Beto betting

Bitcoin HYIP

Crypto Pyramids (ponzi schemes)



Trading general chat

Exchange crypto

News of crypto markets

Exchanges forum

Private offers

Services and shops that accept crypto

Mining General chat

Mining Pools

Mining scripts

Mining Iron

Buy, sell, exchange privately

Joint mining, collective purchases, or deposits.

Services guide


Free misc communication

Sites about Bitcoin

Forum work

Dispute resolution (kind of funny stuff here)


English forum section.

Pros & Cons
  • If you speak Russian, this seems to be the go to for your cryptocurrency forum needs. It’s well laid out and very active.
  • The Russian forums, like all other forums, are still subject to scammers, shillers, paid marketers, and nefarious characters so please beware and do your own research.