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Overclockers Review
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Overclockers is a massive data base forum based in the United Kingdom for essentially everything related to computing. Of course, you can’t talk about everything computer related without considering cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, and if that’s what interests you, hop over to the “Distributed Computing” section.

Here you will find just about any crypto or blockchain related discussion you could ever dream of. There are thousands of posts and even more users, so I’d say you’d be hard pressed not to find a topic you’re interested in being discussed.

The site overall is very well laid out, but it is focused on UK users. Of course, there are people from all over the world using this site, but it is primarily English speakers from the UK only.

The crypto section is not laid out into specific topics like you’d find on bitcointalk or forums.bitcoin. Instead, there is a steady stream of active threads encompassing anything and everything crypto related. With that said, it may be a little difficult at first to find the topics you are most interested in or to figure out if a question you have has already been answered. There is a search function though, so good luck!

Pros & Cons
  • The site is great and has tons of computing information, both crypto and none crypto related that I have found to be very helpful and informative.
  • The community seems to be very active and incredibly helpful.
  • As with every public forum, there are scammers, shillers, paid marketers, etc so please be careful and always do your own research.