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Allcryptotalk Review
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Sounds oddly familiar… hmmm… Oh, right. Bitcoin Talk. This forum is just like all of the other forums and really offers nothing significant as opposed to its counterparts. It’s also not nearly as active and doesn’t have anywhere close to as many users as other popular crypto forums. As a matter of fact, this one seems to be just about dead aside from a few loyal users chatting amongst themselves. At the time of writing, there were only 2 users online. The latest post was six days ago, so I’m assuming there won’t be new content updated daily here. I am also seeing lots of questions go unanswered here.

Simply put, this forum is experiencing a near death experience and you should probably just stick to the more popular ones. With that said, there is still some good conversation going on here, but I haven’t found anything I couldn’t find elsewhere.

Here are the topics this forum hosts:

Site Announcements


Forum Related Help & Support


Bitcoin News

Bitcoin Discussion

Bitcoin Giveaways

Bitcoin Faucets

ETH news

ETH Discussion

ETH Tokens

ETH Giveaways

ETH Faucets

Altcoin News

Altcoin Discussion

Altcoin Announcements

Altcoin Giveaways

Altcoin Faucets

General Discussion

Livestreams, Youtubers, bloggers



Development Market

Finance Market

Goods Market


Questionable Investments

And just like most other crypto forums, there are many other language sections, most of which are completely dead.

Pros & Cons
  • Well laid out and easy to use.
  • Seems like it was at one time a decent place to converse about cryptos. Maybe itll return one day.
  • There are so many shillers, scammers, paid marketers, etc here that they literally gave them their own section.
  • This forum is essentially dead aside from a few stragglers.