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Bitcoin Analytics Review
Bitcoin Analytics
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Bitcoin Analytics was created to help investors have essential Bitcoin information all in one place. The main page displays five main charts order book volume, 10 Bitcoin execution price, time last 10 Bitcoin were traded, VWAP last 10 BTC were traded, and trade volume.

The charts can be customised to show information in the major currencies including USD, EUR, JPY, HKD and more. Charts are calculated depending on BTC volume being sold/bought. Different volume means different prices and different behaviour. Therefore, the amount of "BTC traded" can be customised, from 10, 100, 1000, 10000 and 100000. The charts are designed to be synchronous with each other so that it is easy to compare data, the timeframes can also be customised by zooming in or out.

Bitcoin Analytics also provides information for users on arbitrage data. This is very important when trading Bitcoin, as quite large discrepancies can occur between different exchanges. Bitcoin Analytics provides a colour coded chart with percentages displayed to show the arbitrage opportunities between the different exchanges.

Users get the majority of indicators on the website for free. However, there is a slight delay in the data compared to the real-time market movements. In order to unlock more indicators and have real-time data, a user can subscribe to the services of Bitcoin Analytics. This will cost the user 0.001 BTC per day, 0.0075 BTC per month, or 0.0125 BTC for 2 months. The website is not secure which means it most likely lacks SSL certification.

Pros & Cons
  • A comprehensive set of Bitcoin analytics to allow users a big picture of how the Bitcoin markets are moving.
  • The user can customise charts to find the datasets they are looking for.
  • At the moment data is only provided for Bitcoin.
  • The website is not secure