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Strymex Review
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Strymex is essentially a cryptocurreny screener. This means you can filter and find currencies that match very specific criteria that you set yourself. This service is very helpful in assisting potential investors in finding coins that meet their investing criteria and trading strategies. For example, an investor may have a rule where they don’t invest in a coin that has a certain level of volatility or they’re looking for a coin with high average volume.

The criteria you can customize are:

• Price

• Volatility

• Average volume

• Relative volume

• Volume 24hr

• Market cap

• Exchange

The site also allows you to customize your results by limiting coins per page, setting timeframes, or searching for specific tickers.

Under the filters section you will find graphs respective to the trading pair on top of them. These graphs are in candle stick form and come with several basic indicators installed on them such as multiple SMA’s and volume bar charts at the bottom.

These graphs can then be added to watchlist, taken screenshot of, expanded to full screen, or modified. Modifying them includes choosing the type of graph shown and whether or not you want the SMA’s present. There aren’t any other indicators which is kind of sad to be honest.

Pros & Cons
  • The criteria search function can be very helpful finding coins that match very basic criteria.
  • The graphs seem to be updated in real time.
  • There are much better coin screeners to use.
  • This site feels incomplete.
  • Lack of available indicators on graphs.