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Woobull Charts Review
Woobull Charts
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The pseudonymous cryptocurrency analyst Willy Woo operates the website Woobull where he posts data analysis, data visualization, research, and blog posts. The home page of the website shows blog posts with tags, a title, and a summary relating to the subject matter. Website visitors can also click on subcategories above to filter blog posts by the subcategory. Content from the website has also been published in CoinDesk, Forbes, and BraveNewCoin. The website has no advertisements and is free to use. Woo leaves an address for Bitcoin, Litecoin and Monero for tips and also a Binance referral code.

The charting on the website includes data visualization to assist in Bitcoin investment and also for the Bitcoin network. The charting is limited to Bitcoin only. The charts part of the website is not secure. Data to assist in investment decision-making include the network-to-value ratio, the Mayer multiple, and volatility. Some of the charting to illustrate the network include block size versus Bitcoin fee, transactions per second, and median confirmation time versus block size.

Woonomic has over 74,000 followers on his Twitter page showing that a lot of the cryptocurrency community value the analysis posted.

Pros & Cons
  • Large following on social media showing users value the content
  • Provides blog posts and data analysis
  • The website is free to use and has no advertisements
  • Content has been also posted on reputable websites including Forbes
  • Charts are limited to only Bitcoin
  • Charting part of the website is not secure