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OTX Review
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OXT is a Bitcoin blockchain analysis platform that is part of Samourai Wallet’s service. Samourai Wallet is a hierarchical deterministic Bitcoin wallet for Android where users are in control of their own private keys. The wallet was created and is maintained by the LaurentMT. LaurentMT is a developer who is active on Twitter, GitHub, and Medium. LaurentMT has a good reputation in the cryptocurrency community and has over 5,000 Twitter followers. Samourai Wallet acquired OXT in December 2017. The homepage for OXT is very basic. It has an explorer where users can search addresses, blocks, and transactions.

OXT provides a wide variety of data and visualization that users can use for research, charting, and business function such as auditing. There is an FAQ page to help users with OXT. Some of the data and charts displayed may be difficult for users to understand so the FAQ deals with some of the queries. Some of the chartings include temporal charts and scatter plots. Some of the tools offered include a Bitcoin Rich List which links addresses to amounts of Bitcoin, Bitcoin History, and Segwit Usage data.

OXT is completely free to use. The homepage provides a link to Samourai wallet. There is also addresses for users who wish to donate. Overall, there are other explorers that provide more intuitive and straightforward data. But there are also some useful resources for users.

Pros & Cons
  • Useful resources for users
  • Free-to-use
  • Other explorers that have more metrics
  • Some of the metrics are not easy to understand