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Bitcoincharts Review
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Bitcoincharts is a very basic data service provider. The data is exclusively related to the Bitcoin network. The homepage contains a news feed, information on the major Bitcoin markets, and a currency converter. The very top of the homepage displays key metrics relating to the Bitcoin network including total Bitcoin in circulation, network difficulty, and blocks per hour. The markets information includes the Bitcoin price in different currencies along with the 30-day volume.

There is a tab where users can find more information on the Bitcoin network and also markets The markets tab displays a far larger number of markets than is displayed on the homepage. There is also a wide variety of currencies to examine the markets in. There is also an API which users can avail of but it is very limited. Requests can only be made once every fifteen minutes meaning that price data could change drastically between requests. Returned data from the API is JSON encoded.

The Twitter page for Bitcoincharts has only about 150 followers. There is also a link to a LinkedIn page on the website but the link is broken showing that the page has either been deleted or not updated.

Pros & Cons
  • Contains data on a wide variety of Bitcoin markets
  • Limited only to Bitcoin
  • Website links not updated correctly
  • Requests on API are limited to only one every fifteen minutes