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Smarbit is a Bitcoin blockchain explorer. Smartbit is based in Melbourne, Austrailia. There is an easy to use the search bar at the top of the homepage where users can search blocks, transactions, addresses, and op-returns. Recent blocks and recent transactions also print below the search bar. The miner of the latest block is also shown and users can click on the miner for more information and a list of blocks mined. Most of the mined blocks are completed by large mining pools. In the top right, users can also view the exchange rate of Bitcoin in a number of different fiat currencies and rates.

Users can also delve into charts to visualize data related to Bitcoin's blockchain. Users can visualize data related to a wide variety of metrics including network difficulty, blocks solved per day, and transactions per second. Smartbit also has an API for users who wish to integrate the data with their website, application, or business. The documentation for the API is on the website. Smartbit also publishes a blog on the website.

Smartbit has around 200 followers on it’s Twitter which is a very low amount. The CEO of Smartbit, Rupert Hackett, has around 400 followers. Smartbit is the same as blockchain.info but it a less well known and popular service.

Pros & Cons
  • Charts to visualize data
  • Users can find details about different miners
  • Also publishes a blog
  • Blockchain.info is a more popular and well-known service that provides the same metrics
  • Limited only to Bitcoin